6-Day Classic Enduro Tour Thailand

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6-Day Classic Enduro Tour Thailand

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What You'll Do
6-Day Classic Enduro Tour Thailand Are you a bike adventure rider? Do you love exploring the nature through riding your bike? Join us for the 6-day Classic Enduro Tour Thailand. The tour will start from Chiang Mai, the Northern Thailand. Join the group to explore the amazing enduro riding for memorable dirt biking vacation. Please....

6-Day Classic Enduro Tour Thailand

Are you a bike adventure rider? Do you love exploring the nature through riding your bike? Join us for the 6-day Classic Enduro Tour Thailand. The tour will start from Chiang Mai, the Northern Thailand. Join the group to explore the amazing enduro riding for memorable dirt biking vacation. Please note that we do not cater for riders with no experience with off road riding. In order to provide you with the best experience you will have during the tour, we will provide you with professional tour guide including the owner of the Company. In addition,  we offer you two options of the itinerary. This offer if for the 6-day Enduro Tours Chiang Mai Thailand. If you prefer the shorter tour, you may book the 4-day Enduro Tours here.

Details Itinerary of the 6-Day Classic Enduro Tour Thailand

All riders need to be in Chiang May a day prior to starting the tour. Our team and all the equipment shall be ready at the hotel. You will join the group to have dinner and drinks together.

Day-1 Classic Enduro Tour Thailand: Tours to Mae Chaem, 130-150 km 

We will start a bit earlier so that all riders can get used to the bikes prior to heading to the southwest from Chiang May on tarmac 30-40 km to reach the Khan National Park. We may do the Riverbed trail for about 5 km depending on the time of the year. The riding will continue to the open trails, tarmac, and will head towards the lunch stop. Afterward, we will be heading towards Mae Chaem to reach Doi Inthanon National Park. The route will have 90% open trails of 65 km. We will then return to the road and head into the city for a Beer.

Day-2 Classic Enduro Tour Thailand: Tours to Mae Sariang, 130 km

Today is a reasonably long day, we head west for 30 km on the road before heading into  Mai Tho National Park, from there on are trials and road through villages finding somewhere for lunch and drinks along the way. As we get closer to Mae Sariang we can either stop at Hot Springs if not too late or just head straight into town for a well deserve Beer looking over the river from our accommodation.

Day-3 Classic Enduro Tour Thailand: Tours to Mae La Noi, 152 km

The route we take today is long and one of my favorites of the six days covering mostly trails and dirt roads though Salawin National Park as we head to the fringe of the Burma border. After the half way point, we head east towards Mae Khun Pa Wildlife Preserve passing a Thai Army Post without any problems and trial in-out of stream crossings for about 10 km and finally heading back to the small town of Mae La Noi.

Day-4 Classic Enduro Tour Thailand: Tours to Mae Hong Son, 230 km 

This is the particularly long day as you can see by the minimum of 230 km we need to travel to Mae Hong Son but a great day I must say. We head North on the tarmac for 40 km turn right and trail on dirt roads Northeast 50 km towards our lunch stop and refueling. There are 2 ways to our destination, one taking in the large Mae Surin Waterfall before heading back into Mae Surin National Park for more trails/dirt road. The second choice of route is a lot longer with more and more trail/dirt roads but both are great riding, you cannot go wrong either way. The Cross Roads Pub in town has always been a great beer and dinner choice and a game of pool if you’re up for it.

Day-5 Classic Enduro Tour Thailand: Tours to Pai, 150 km

On the 5th day, we will be having more relaxing 50 km riding to reach a great little cafe a

Today we set off on a relaxing 50 km winding road to a great little cafe overlooked by beautiful mountain, a good place for a group photo. From this spot, we will be heading towards a Thai Huey on a moderately technical trail and be heading on all dirt trails to reach the picturesque Town of Pai.

Day-6 Classic Enduro Tour Thailand: Tours to Chiang Mai, 150 km

On the final day, we will be riding about 50/50 tarmac and trail to return to Chiang Mai. After having light breakfast, we will start riding about 25 km on a quite windy road prior to reach the trail starts. Moreover, will ride within Mae So Wildlife Preserve and will be passing through some small villages prior to arriving at our lunch stop. From this stop, we will continue our ride on mountain tarmac roads to reach Chiang Mai.

Please note that the price will be subject to double rooms accommodation.

What to Take and Carry on Bike Rack During The 6-Day Classic Enduro Tour Thailand?

  1. A small back pack with a 2 litre hydration bladder fitted. A bum bag to hold your wallet and camera.
  2. Carry only the essentials that you need during the ride, such as medication, toilet paper, sunscreen, sun glasses, licence and passport.
  3. A 10 litre waterproof dry bag will be supplied by Enduro Tours Thailand.
  4. 1 pair shorts and or thin pants, jumper, light spay riding jacket.
  5. 2 tee shirts, under wear and spare socks and a riding bandana.
  6. Thongs, no heavy shoes needed.

What to leave behind during The 6-Day Classic Enduro Tour Thailand?

The rest of your luggage will be stored securely at the hotel in Chiang Mai. However we recommend that you ensure all luggage is locked and tamper proof as we don’t cover any losses.

General Terms and Conditions of The 6-Day Classic Enduro Tour Thailand

Travel Documents and Visa Requirements

All your personal documents (passport, driving license, credit card) must be copied and placed in a waterproof case. These must be kept separately just in case you lose the originals. Any loss or damage is the responsibility of each rider.

Please check your Visa Requirements before coming to Thailand

Make sure that your passport is valid for at least 6 (six) months after the return date.

Travel and Medical Insurance needed before the ride

Your travel and medical insurance are not covered in the tour cost. Please make sure that you have arranged it prior to the ride schedule. We will require you to send us the copies of the policies prior your trip to Chiang Mai and you need to keep and bring the original document. You may check out World Nomads and Total Explorer for the travel insurance.

Motor Cycle License Requirements

You must have an International bike and driving license as well as your current bike license from your home country. This license must be with you at all times during the tour. Please note that insurance will not pay your claim if you fail to present them your license. In addition, this license is also needed to avoid the police’s fine who may conduct inspections at local checkpoints along the way on our tour.

The Currency Used in Thailand

That Baht (THB) is the only currency used in Thailand. You may bring your own local currency and exchange it at many places in Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai. While Visa and Master Card are the best credit cards to use at the hotel and major restaurants, you will need cash for everything else, such as markets, local shops, etc.

Road Hazards and General Behavior on your bike

There are many hazards on all roads but in Thailand anything can happen so its best to keep a good lookout at all times for Thai drivers/bike riders who often drive/ride on the wrong side of the road. When riding through small towns and villages each rider must slow down and look out for small children and animals.

Personal Belongings

The rider is solely responsible for his own belongings – Enduro Tours Thailand accepts no responsibility for any personal equipment or belongings lost or stolen during a tour.

Bike Damage

All bike damage to be paid in full after the tour.

After The Tour

Once the tour has finished, each rider is responsible for their own Hotels, meals and flight bookings.

Bad Weather

In the case of bad weather, we will discuss with all riders a new route to suit our needs if necessary.

Additional Terms and Conditions

  1. We reserve the right to discontinue touring with any rider who has bad influences on the tour and other riders in the group as follows (constantly disobeys the road laws and creates conflicts with other riders in the group)
  2. We are not responsible for any unforeseen delays on your flight booking before and after your tour, so make sure you arrive in Chiang Mai at least 2 days prior to the start date of your tour.
  3. The rider shall inform Enduro Tours Thailand of any illness during the tour so that assistance can be provided.
  4. If the rider has any complaints, please inform Enduro Tour Thailand immediately so a timely resolution can be arranged.
  5. The Rider agrees that he or she has read and understood the terms and conditions above and agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions when joining the tour organized by Enduro Tours Thailand. He or she also confirms that he or she declares himself or herself medically fit to join and complete the tour.


What You Need to Bring

Changing cloth, sunscreen, cash around US$100 in Thai Baht (THB) currency while on tour. Riding Gear: Each rider must bring their own riding gear including helmet, boots, armor, goggles, gloves, riding pants, riding jersey etc… Some riding gear is available but is still best to bring your own, especially helmet and boots. Email your needs if you require any gear.

Max. Booking Hours
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Booking cancelation is not allowed
What's Included
  • 10 litre waterproof dry tube bag and bungees (returnable) for your personal belonging.
  • Breakfast - lunch-softdrinks-water each day
  • Entrance Fees to Thai National Parks
  • GPS-mapped routes with the lead and tail end riders
  • Honda CRF250L with hand guards - rear pack rack - and- Knobby tyres. One Passport is required to rent bikes
  • Hotel - the night befor the tour. We recommend all riders to stay at the same hotel. We will advise you the hotel name.
  • Nightly accommodation: hotel or guest house
  • Petrol - oil - bike maintenance during the tour
  • Transfer from/to Chiang Mai Airport to/from your Hotel
  • Two-way radio with the lead and tail end rider
What's Excluded
  • 300 Euro deductible of the bike damage insurance
  • Air line tickets
  • Alcohol-Drinks
  • Dinner (not expensive in Thailand)
  • elephant riding
  • Individual expenses (e.g. traditional Thai massage
  • Last night accommodation and dinner in Chiang Mai is not included
  • Riding/Safety Gears
  • Transfer airpot - hotel - airport (about 5 USD)
  • Travel insurance
Participants Per Booking
Adult: Minimum 1, Maksimum 6
Participants Age
Adult: from 18 until 65 years old
Child: from 4 until 17 years old
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