Wisata Derawan – Labuan Cermin | 4D3N

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Wisata Derawan – Labuan Cermin | 4D3N

Adventures Pulau Derawan
4 hari
  • Explore Derawan - Kakaban - Maratua - Sangalaki - Gusung Sanggalau
  • Snorkeling dan Sightseeing
What You'll Do

Explore Derawan – Labuan Cermin | 4D3N | Private Trip – Indonesian Travelers           Derawan Archipelago is home for 31 islands including Derawan Island. Situated in Berau, East Kalimantan, Derawan Archipelago has attracted many adventurers to explore the beauty of its nature and underwater creatures.  If you are a  professional diver, it’s ….

Explore Derawan – Labuan Cermin | 4D3N | Private Trip - Indonesian Travelers          

Derawan Archipelago is home for 31 islands including Derawan Island. Situated in Berau, East Kalimantan, Derawan Archipelago has attracted many adventurers to explore the beauty of its nature and underwater creatures.  If you are a  professional diver, it's your best chance to explore Derawan Archipelago further. Otherwise, you may also enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the clear blue ocean and lake. This Offer is only for Indonesian travelers. If you are International travelers, kindly check out Explore Derawan Labuan Cermin.

During the trip, you may expect the tropical weather with the temperature between 25-35 Celcius degree. You may be in dry season (May to October ) or rainy season (November to April) during the trip.

In addition, during the trip, you will be staying at an air-conditioned standard room at Derawan Dive Resort Deluxe Room. Please note that neither hot water nor TV set is available for this kind of room. Kindly contact me if you want to upgrade your room to the deluxe one to enjoy the hot water or to VIP room to enjoy the hot water and the TV Set.

Things To Do

Day-1 Explore Derawan: Trip To Derawan Island | Dinner

On your  1st day of the trip, our local guide will pick you up from Kalimarau Berau airport and drive for about 2 hours to reach Tanjung Batu harbor. Our guide at the harbor will welcome you and accompany you to cruise for about 20 minutes by speedboat along Berau river to reach Derawan Island. Along the trip, enjoy your time to explore the amazing mangroves forest with various kinds of mangrove plants. You may have a chance to see red nose monkeys and mangrove snakes.

Once reaching Derawan Island, you will check-in to Derawan Dive Resort and enjoy your free time. During your free time, you may start exploring the wonderful of Derawan Island by snorkeling or swimming around the resort. In addition, you may also enjoy observing how the turtles coming on the land every night to procreate.

Furthermore, exploring Derawan Archipelago also means exploring its local cuisines. Various seafood menu will definitely your chosen menu during this trip.

Day-2 Explore Derawan: Talisayan and Labuan Cermin | Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner


How about swimming with Whale Shark?  Yup, at Talisayan, you will be swimming with the largest shark in the world, with 9-10 meters length.  Do not worry as this kind of shark is so friendly that will not harm you. Plankton is the only food this shark loves to eat. So you can wipe out any fear and start exploring the ocean with this friendly shark. Despite the warmth of the shark, please not to do excessive actions such as touching the shark.  It might make them feel uncomfortable.  

Due to the distance of Talisan from the resort, which is about 2 hours trip, please make sure you will wake up early in the morning and have enough breakfast at the resort.

After enjoy your time swimming/snorkeling with Whale Shark, we will continue our trip to Manimbora Island for photos hunting. Then, we will go straight to Labuan Cermin.

Labuan Cermin

Labuan Cermin is a lake with 4-5 meters depth that will amaze you with its clear water.The layer of the lake can reflect the sunlight. It happens due to the salty taste of the surface water and the insipidness of the bottom lake. No wonder if many people also name the lake as “Two Flavors Lake”. Enjoy your time with swimming, snorkeling, or diving.

Moreover, if we still have time, we will stop by at Gusung Sanggalau.   Please note that we can only come to visit this island during the low sea tide. Enjoy the clear water and the white sand beach of Gusung Sanggalau. Explore the panorama with your camera prior going back to the resort and enjoy the free time. 

Day-3 Explore Derawan: Sangalaki - Kakaban - Maratua – | Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner


Sangalaki Island is a small island covering an area of 15.9 hectares. It is known as the major nesting site for green turtles in Southeast Asia. The turtles will come to Sangalaki Island during the night especially when the sea water was high tide.

In addition, Sangalaki is also a habitat for the large Manta Rays that come here to feed their plankton. They will come from all directions and show up mostly in the north part of Sangalaki Island. Snorkeling is worth to do here particularly if you want to see the Manta Rays closely. Moreover, you may also enjoy observing the beautiful coral and various types of fishes such as scorpionfishes, jawfish, mandarin fishes, frogfish and ribbon eels.

Kakaban Island

Kakaban Island will be your next destination after Sangalaki. The Island  attracts many tourists to explore its unique lake known as Kakaban Lake. The lake is a prehistoric lake on the time of Holosin transition about 2 million years ago. The seawater entered the Island and mixed with the water from soil and rain. Due to the walled cliff of the Island, about 50 meters high, no seawater can be caught out into the lake. This condition enables the lake with 52 km2 wide to create a habitat for stingless jellyfish.  So, enjoy your time swimming and snorkeling with the friendly jellyfish. Afterward, Marata will be the final adventure spot for this trip. 


Besides diving, snorkeling, or swimming, you may also explore the lake and the cave on Maratua Island. Local people name the lake as Jellyfish lake. 

In addition, the Island is also a nesting ground where the Green Turtles will return each year to lay their eggs. Moreover, between Maratua and Nabucco, you may find many big creatures such as Manta Rays, Eagle Rays, Tuna, Mackerel, Barracuda, White Tip Sharks, and event occasional Hammerhead.

Day-4 Explore Derawan: Trip Back to Kalimarau Berau Airport | Breakfast

On the last day, after having breakfast you will check-out from the hotel and start the trip back to reach Kalimarau Berau airport.

How to Get To Kalimarau Airport

You need to book a flight that will transit to Balikpapan. There are direct flights from various types of airlines that will depart from Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Makassar, Manado, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. From Balikpapan, you can book a flight that will depart for Kalimarau Berau airport.


  • The itinerary may subject to changes due to the weather condition.
  • Please make sure that you will be arriving at Kalimarau airport prior 01.00 PM (local time)
  • Please contact me if you need more personalized itinerary or assistance to book flight.


What You Need to Bring

Tas Backpack (mohon tidak membawa kopor), pakaian renang, peralatan snorkeling, kamera, sunscreen, obat-obatan pribadi, lotion anti nyamuk.

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What's Included
  • 8x Meals
  • Airport Transfer Kalimarau Airport - Tanjung Batu Port (Return)
  • Documentation
  • First Aids Kits
  • Hotel
  • Life jacket and snorkeling gears
  • Mineral Water
  • Speedboat
  • Entrance Fee
  • Tour Guide
What's Exluded
  • Diving Gears
  • Domestic Flight
  • Personal Medicine
  • Porter
  • Tipping
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