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Activity location:
Tarakan Utara, Kalimantan Utara
Juwata Airport, Karang Anyar Pantai, Kota Tarakan, Kalimantan Utara, Indonesia



Explore Tarakan Derawan | 7D6N

Some explorers may come up with a plan to go straight away to Derawan Island and Tarakan is only a transit point. What if you spend few days in Tarakan prior exploring Derawan Island? What makes Tarakan is worth to Explore? Not only will the Explore Tarakan Derawan package let you embrace the nature and enjoy the underwater scenery, you will also getting closer to the local environment. Get to know more about the local culture, make friends with locals, enjoy the local cuisines, and explore the nature are the goal of this offer.

Things To Do in Tarakan

Day-1 to Day-3 of Explore Tarakan Derawan Trip

Tarakan is the capital city of East Kalimantan and has various places worth to explore. On the day-1, you will have your free time as I assume you will arrive at Juwata airport in the afternoon.

On the day-2 and day-3 of Explore Tarakan Derawan trip, we will do city tour to explore Rumah Bundar, Balai Adat Tidung, Makam Jepang, and Tugu Australia.

Rumah Bundar Museum

Rumah Bundar Museum is situated at Jalan Danau Jempang, Pramusian village, Tarakan district. It is about 15 minutes drive from Juwata airport. It is a building with 72M2 wide that has half-circle roof shape, located near to the house of representative of Tarakan city.  The building was built in 1945 by Australian soldiers for their shelter after the invasion of Japanese to Indonesia. Here, you will explore the historical stuff of the world war II such as Japanese Samurai, Japanese executioner’s sword, etc.

Balai Adat Tidung

Balai Adat Tidung is a traditional house of local community in North Kalimantan. The locals also name it as Rumah Baloy. By exploring these traditional houses, you will observe the richness of architecture skills of the Tidung tribe community that are inherited from their ancestors. Not like other tribes in North Kalimantan, Tidung tribe has their own culture and traditional architecture for their houses. Moreover, the architecture of these houses come from the development of Dayak architecture (North Kalimantan).

Makam Jepang

Makam Jepang (“Japanese Cemetery”) is located close to Lamaru beach. It is a monument to commemorate the persistence of Japanese’s soldiers who died when fighting against the allied forces during the world war II. You will find the cemetery that is surrounded by the green garden with the white sand beach as the background scenery. After exploring this historical place, you are welcome to explore the Lamaru beach.

 Tugu Australia (Australian Monument)

Tugu Australia (“Australian Monument”) is a monument to commemorate the Australian’s soldiers who died during the Balikpapan war in July 1945.  Balikpapan had been occupied by Japan since 1942. It was a prime oil port in East Asia The Australian soldiers was fighting against the Japanese from May to Augustus 1945 to free Borneo Island from Japanese colonial.

Day-4 of Explore Tarakan Derawan: Mangrove and the Orchid Garden

On the day-4 we will start our trip by exploring the  Mangrove & Proboscis Conservation Area. Not only are the mangrove trees in this area effective for sea abrasion prevention, they are also worth to explore due to its amazing landscape. While exploring the area, you will explore the special animal health quarantine for proboscis’s monkeys. You may also enjoy trekking along the boardwalk, and get relaxed in the gazebo.

After exploring the conservation area, we will explore the Orchid Garden. It is orchid cultivation in Tarakan. Not only will you be able to discover various types of orchids, you will also be able to purchase some orchids if you wish for.

Day-5 of Explore Tarakan Derawan: Trip to Derawan Island

On the day-5, we will be checking out from the Swiss Bell In hotel to proceed our trip to Derawan Island. We will drive for about 20 minutes to reach the SDF Tarakan harbor. We will reach the Island by spending about 3 hours on the speedboat. Afterward, you will be checking into  Derawan Dive Resort (cottage room)  and will have your free time to explore the resort.

Derawan Archipelago is home for 31 islands including Derawan Island. Situated in Berau, East Kalimantan, Derawan Archipelago has attracted many adventurers to explore the beauty of its nature and underwater creatures.  If you are a  professional diver, it’s your best chance to explore Derawan Archipelago further. Otherwise, you may also enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the crystal blue ocean and lake.

During the trip, you may expect the tropical weather with the temperature between 25-35 Celcius degree. You may be in dry season (May to October ) or rainy season (November to April) during the trip.

Day-6 of Explore Tarakan Derawan: Sangalaki – Kakaban – Maratua – Gusung Sanggalau

We will start our Island Hopping by exploring Sangalaki Island. Here you may discover the large Manta Rays that come to the Island to feed their plankton. Enjoy snorkeling with them while also discovering the beautiful corals and various type of fishes such as scorpionfishes, jawfish, mandarin fishes, frogfish and ribbon eels.

After Sangalaki, we will explore Kakaban Island where you will enjoy the uniqueness of Kakaban Lake. Enjoy your snorkeling time at the jellyfish lake. Do not be worried of the jellyfish as it is not harmful.  If the sea tide is high, we will be able to visit Kehe Daing, the lagoon of Kakaban Island. Enjoy the green water, the white sand lagoon, and the surrounding jungle.

From Kehe Daing, we will proceed to Maratua for snorkeling. Besides snorkeling/diving, you may explore the caves on this island. In addition,  you may also explore the nesting ground where the Green Turtles will return each year to lay their eggs. If the sea tide is high, we will be able to explore Haji Mangku Cave where you can discover the magnificent cave while swimming/snorkeling. Please make sure to wear comfortable shoes as you will need it for doing some trekking in between the snorkeling time.

Furthermore, Gusung Sanggalau will become our last adventure spot for this day.  Please note that we can only come to visit this island during the low sea tide. Enjoy the clear water and the white sand beach of Gusung Sanggalau. Explore the panorama with your camera.

Day-7 of Explore Tarakan Derawan: Trip back to Tarakan

After having breakfast, we will be checking out of the resort and continuing our trip to go back to Tarakan by speedboat. We will drive you to stop by at the souvenir market prior dropping you off at the airport.

How to Get To Kalimarau Airport

You can book a direct flight from Jakarta or Surabaya to Juwata International Airport (Tarakan).


  • The itinerary may subject to changes due to the weather condition.
  • Please contact me if you need more personalized itinerary or assistance to book flight.
  • You may also check out the Explore Derawan offer if you wish to explore only Derawan archipelago.


What to Bring

Backpack bag (please do not bring any luggage type of bag), swimming suits, snorkeling gears (optional), camera, Sunscreen, personal medicine, mosquito repellent

Info penting

Lokasi Tarakan Utara, Kalimantan Utara
Juwata Airport, Karang Anyar Pantai, Kota Tarakan, Kalimantan Utara, Indonesia
Durasi7 hari (kurang lebih)
Hari-hari yang tersedia Minggu, Senin, Selasa, Rabu, Kamis, Jumat, Sabtu
Max. booking hours3 hari in advance
Kebijakan pembatalan 2 hari in advance
If you cancel at least 2 hari in advance, you will be refunded 50%. But if you cancel in less than 2 hari before the activity starts, you will not be refunded.
Inklusi 15x Meals | Documentation | First Aids Kits | Hotel | Life jacket and snorkeling gears | Mineral Water | Snorkle gear | Speedboat | Transport from Tarakan Airport to the Harbor (Return) | Entrance Fee | Full-day Car | Tour Guide
Banyaknya orang per reservasi Anak-anak: Maksimum 3
Dewasa: Minimum 1, Maksimum 11
Voucher Voucher cetak atau voucher elektronik

Info Tambahan

Languages offeredEnglishConversation
  • "Conversation", if there will be a person in charge as a guide of the activity
  • "Audio (Listening)", if the activity information in the selected language shall be delivered through recording type of communication.
  • "Written", if the activity information in the selected language shall be delivered through printed or hand writings.
Inclusive AccommodationHari 1Hotel (3)Swiss Bell In
Hari 2Hotel (3)Swiss Bell In
Hari 3Hotel (3)Swiss Bell In
Hari 4Hotel (5)Swiss Bell In
Hari 5Hotel (5)Derawan Dive Resort (cottage room)
Hari 6Hotel (5)Derawan Dive Resort (cottage room)
Eksklusi Diving Gears | Domestic Flight | Personal Medicine | Porter | Tipping | Travel insurance
Nearby airportJuwata International Airport
Usia minimum4 tahun
Usia maksimum65 tahun

Meeting Point Location

Available for area(s):Tarakan Airport
Pick-up time:11:00
Make sure you search for the flight that will arrive at the airport prior 01.00 PM (local time)

Detail Itinerary

1Picking up from Tarakan Airport, Hotel Check-In, Dinner, Free Time.
1Tarakan City Tour:: Rumah Bundar and Balai Adat Tidung
1Tarakan City Tour: Makam Jepand and Tugu Australia
1Explore the Mangrove and Orchid Garden
1Hotel Check-out and Trip to Derawan Island, Dinner, Free Time.
1Explore Sangalak, Kakaban, Maratua, and Gusung Sanggalau islands.
1Trip back to Tarakan

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