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Ampana, Sulawesi Tengah
Jl. Kepiting No. 59A, Sumoli, Ampana



Togean Tour – 3D2N

Enjoy the 3 (three) days and 2 (two) nights Togean Tour to explore Indonesia where you will explore the unique experiences on Togean island. You will be swimming with friendly jellyfish, playing and swimming at the beach. In addition, you may also enjoy snorkeling and/or diving at the best spots of the island.

Exploring new place will never be enough without getting in touch with the local culture. Therefore, during this Togean Tour, you will also visit a local tribe community, called Bajo Tribe. You will visit a local school where you will interact with the students. For this visit, we would strongly recommend you to bring some stationaries for the students. They will love it and use it for their study at the school.

About Togean Island

Togean island is spread along 90km at Tomini Bay, Tujo Una-Una regency, Central Sulawesi province, Indonesia. This island has become the heart of the world coral reef triangle. Here, you will find some coral reef such as barrier reef, patch reef, and atoll reef.

Due to its uniqueness, the Government of Indonesia sets the Togean Island as a National Park as well as a Marine Tourism Park. This is to protect the diversity of flora and fauna, as well as to preserve the coral reefs. Therefore, we hope anyone who visits Togean Island will contribute to the preservation of the island by not standing on and/or touching the coral reef during diving or snorkeling.

Moreover, Togean Island has become a habitat for various kinds of fishes. It’s so easy to find Nemo (clown fish) on the soft coral while snorkeling. During snorkeling, you may see fishes in various colors. On a particular diving spot, you may also find thousands of jackfish or barracuda swimming to form a circle to let the diver get into the circle.

During the 3D2N Togean tour, you will enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and sightseeing to some spots. You will go snorkeling at California Reef, Atol Ankaiyo Island, Lima Reef, Karina beach, and Jellyfish lake. You may go swimming or get relaxed while visiting the white sand beaches: Sera beach and Lestari beach. In addition, I will also take you to enjoy the wonderful nature of Papan Island while interacting with Bajo tribe, the local community. Afterward, I will take you to visit the local community at a fishermen village,  Kamping Nelayan Kadoda.

How to go to the meeting point of Togean Tour

On the first day, I will pick you up at your hotel in Ampana or at Tanjung Api (Ampena) airport.  To reach Ampana, you may book a flight ticket at lion Air.  This carrier serves daily flight to Ampana with following routes: Jakarta (CGK) -Makassar (UPG) – Palu (PLW) – Ampana (VPM). You may allocate about 5-6 hours for the total flight including the transit and the total budget for the flight ticket (return) are about IDR 4 million per person.

See you at Togean Island!

What to Bring

(1) sun block | (2) sunglasses | (3) Sandal | (4) Beach sarong | (5) Camera | (6) Snorkeling or Diving Gear | (7) Emergency light | (8) Stationary for School Student (Bajo Tribe Children) | (9) Backpack

Important Info

Location Ampana, Sulawesi Tengah
Jl. Kepiting No. 59A, Sumoli, Ampana
Duration 3 days (approx)
Available Days Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Max. booking hours 3 days in advance
Cancellation Policy 24 hours in advance
If you cancel at least 24 hours in advance, you will be refunded 50%. But if you cancel in less than 24 hours before the activity starts, you will not be refunded.
Inclusions Boat trip di Togean selama 3 hari | Breakfast | Dinner | Drinks | Entrance Fee | Lunch | Tiket publik speedboat Ampana - Togean PP | Tour Guide | Travel Insurance
Participants per Booking Child: Maximum 2
Adult: Minimum 6, Maximum 12
Private Service Available for minimum 6 people
Voucher Printed voucher or electronic voucher

Additional Information

Languages offered Indonesian Conversation
  • "Conversation", if there will be a person in charge as a guide of the activity
  • "Audio (Listening)", if the activity information in the selected language shall be delivered through recording type of communication.
  • "Written", if the activity information in the selected language shall be delivered through printed or hand writings.
Inclusive Accommodation Day 3 Unrated (Others) Standard bedroom with private bathroom
Exclusion Diving Gears | Tambahan makanan dan minuman | Tambahan waktu dan trip | Tiket pesawat
Nearby airport Mutiara Airport
Minimum age 2 years old
Maximum age 60 years old

Meeting Point Location

Available for area(s):
Pick-up time:

Detail Itinerary

1 (1). Hotel or airport (Tanjung Api Ampana airport) pick up | (2) Transfer to Ampana Port | (3) Arrive at Wakai | (4) Snorkeling at Karina beach | (5) Snorkeling at Ubur-Ubur (Jellyfish) lake | (6) Explore House Reef
1 (1) Snorkeling at California Reef | (2) Snorkeling at Atol Angkaiyo Island | (3) Sightseeing to Sera beach and lunch | (4) Snorkeling at Lima Reef | (5) Visiting fisherman village, Kampung Nelayan Kadoda | (6) Sightseeing to Papan Island | (7) Sightseeing at Lestari beach
1 (1) Ampana | (2) Check Out | (3) Depart to Wakai | (4) Transfer to a public Speedboat | (5) Arrive at Ampana | (6) Transfer to hotel or Tanjung Api Airport | (7) Done and See you Again.

Purchase minimum for 6 adult to enjoy our private service for your group

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All transactions will be done in IDR.
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