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The Affiliate (i.e. Reseller) Program is our strategy to leverage economy sharing to maximize social impact through job creations. We value our partners and know how hard they work to promote so we continually strive to make our program one of the best in the industry.

Join as YoExplore affiliate and enjoy following advantages:

  • Standard 5% commissions on all sales!
  • A wide variety of coupons/discount links is available to help increase conversion rates.
  • Access to compelling images, banners, and brand logos.
  • Ability to link directly to any product, brand, or category on the site.
  • Best brand and product selection on the Web, with high conversion rates.

Signing up is easy and free!

If you have any other questions about YoExplore Affiliate Program, check out the FAQ Page or feel free to Contact Us
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How it Works

It’s simple. Once you join YoExplore affiliate program, you are able to:

  1. Post a link/banner on your site.
  2. Encourage users to click through your link and make a purchase on
  3. We pay you a commission on the sale of activities and tours*!

*Please note that we pay you only for the sale of activities and tours promoted through YoExplore. Other travel products (i.e. Flight, hotel, travel insurance, etc.) are not commissionable for YoExplore Affiliate. In addition, if the vendor cancel the reservation, you will not get any commission since 100% of the payment will be refunded to the customer.

Signing up is easy and free!

If you have any other questions about YoExplore Affiliate Program, check out the FAQ Page or feel free to Contact Us
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Simply click on any of the “Join Now” links and fill out the information requested. It’s absolutely free to join our Affiliate Program. There is no charge to apply, no minimum sales requirement, and you can cancel at any time. Once you are approved by YoExplore, you can place a link on your site and start earning commissions immediately.
No. You can either share the link through your social media account or paste it on your web (blog).
YoExplore accepts a majority of new partners who apply to our program. However, we retains the right, in our sole discretion, to reject sites that, in our opinion, infringe on or violate any applicable law, rule or regulation; any proprietary right of any third party; are defamatory, obscene, offensive or controversial, or that are otherwise inappropriate for the promotion of YoExplore.
Yes. We will pay your commission via you PayPal account. If you do not have PayPal account, kindly create your PayPal account here.

  • Once you registration to become YoExplore Affiliate is approved, you can go to your profile dashboard > tab Affilliate Area.
  • You will find your Affiliate Link in format:
  • Copy the link and share it either through your website or social media.

Yes you can. Search for the particular product your would like to promote. Once you found it, you need to place your affiliate ID (“?yopartner=ID) after the link of the product. For example

  • YoExplore’s standard term pays 5% on all sales.
  • You will receive your commission through your PayPal account (International Affiliate) or bank transfer (Indonesian Affiliate). Please note that there may some deduction on your payment due to transfer fee charged by a local bank or PayPal.
  • YoExplore will pay your commission once you have reached minimum $US50 (to be transferred through PayPal) or IDR300,000.- (to be transferred through local bank transfer). If your commissions for a current month are below than the required minimum payment, we will pay your commission on the following month(s) once it has reached the minimum requirement.
  • The payment will be processed on date 15th of every month and you may expect to receive the commission within 5 working days after the transfer process.

  • This is the number of days since a visitor accessed YoExplore site via your affiliate link, for which a suggested referral will be valid.
  • We set 60 days for this referral timeout. In this case, if a visitor comes to YoExplore site via your affiliate link, a suggested referral will be valid until 60 days after she or he clicked that affiliate link (as long as the cookies are activated on the visitor’s browser).

As long as you enter through a link from your site, you will earn commissions on all purchases you make for yourself, family, or friends.

  • As with any program, earnings will differ greatly from partner to partner and depend on a number of factors including site content, popularity and traffic rank, and how heavily YoExplore products are promoted.
  • On average, a customer may shop about $US300.- per transaction. If it hapens, your commission would be $US21.- per transaction.

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