Bali Study Tour 4D3N with Full Day Art Workshop

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Bali Study Tour 4D3N with Full Day Art Workshop

Culture Denpasar
4 hari
  • Cultural Tour
  • Historical Tour
  • Full day Art Workshop with following types of art classes to choose: dance, gamelan, wood or leather carving, and painting classes
  • Museum visit
What You'll Do
Bali study tour- Bali is well known for its rich culture and History. As the only surviving Hinduism island in the ocean of Muslim Archipelago in Indonesia, Bali has a lot to offer. The cultural legacy cannot be found anywhere in the world. After the collapse of Majapahit empire, Bali becomes the last resort of....

Bali study tour- Bali is well known for its rich culture and History. As the only surviving Hinduism island in the ocean of Muslim Archipelago in Indonesia, Bali has a lot to offer. The cultural legacy cannot be found anywhere in the world. After the collapse of Majapahit empire, Bali becomes the last resort of Hindu people. Other than the Hindu religion, the culture is still preserved by the inhabitants of the God’s Island. Thus, arts and religion become a part of the people’s life. If you would like to feel and learn the Balinese way of life, its art, and history, we offer you the Bali study tour package.

Day 1- Museum Visit

It is your first day in the Bali study tour. You will gain more knowledge about Balinese history and culture. There is some museum you can visit during your first day in Bali. The first destination will be Bali Museum.

Museum Bali

This state-owned museum located in the center of Denpasar City. The place is divided into some pavilions. The pavilion is Tabanan, Buleleng, Karangasem, and Timur. Each of pavilion has their own display. You can see theatrical masks and music instrument in Tabanan Building, Sculpture and painting in Karangasem Building.  Textiles can be found in the Buleleng Building while in the Timur Building you can find the archaeological finding.

Rumah Topeng

We leave Denpasar and heads to Sukawati to see the collection of Rumah Topeng. The buildings are made of wood in old Javanese style (Joglo) and there are so many things to see. In Rumah Topeng, you can find the collection of the masks from all around Indonesia, South East Asia and even some regions of the world. Not only mask, in this place you will find some interesting puppets. You will know their names and function as the descriptions are attached to the display. After the visit, we can have our lunch in the museum cafeteria or find a restaurant near the venue.

Museum Puri Lukisan

After lunch, we go west to see the painting collection in Museum Puri Lukisan. In this place, you can find the masterpieces of Great Balinese Maestros. This museum also exhibits almost all styles of Balinese painting such as Batuan School, Sanur School, Ubud School, and Young Artist School. In addition, some sculpture also exhibited in this place. They have a very wide range of collection so that you can learn the history of Balinese painting here. After all the visits, we will have a dinner and back to the hotel.

Day 2 – Full day art workshop in Batuan – Bali Study Tour

We will leave the hotel early and go to the Village of Arts. Many famous dancers, musicians, painters, and sculptors come from this village. We will spend our day here to have an art workshop.

Yayasan Tri Pusaka Sakti is a foundation where you can learn the arts of Balinese people. They offer a wide choice of art classes such as dance, gamelan, wood or leather carving, and painting classes. Your group might want to choose one of these classes or may divide the group into some smaller groups. Each smaller group may take one of the art classes.

After a brief introduction about Balinese art, you will start your class. You may ask your question while the teacher delivers the introduction. In this class, the teacher will teach you about the basic of Balinese arts of your choice. For three hours, the lesson will give you an insight of the Balinese arts. You will find some fascinating techniques and the teacher will be happy to explain to you if you have any inquiries. We will have lunch at this place. They have a variety of food such as halal and non-spicy. Please inform us in advance if you have a special request.

Visit Pura Desa Batuan

Batuan has a very old temple that has a prehistoric site inside the site. We will visit this ancient temple to find out the history of Batuan Village. During your visit, someone from the temple will escort you around and give some explanation. The sculpture in this place is also very good. Do not forget to take pictures.

Back to Tri Pusaka Sakti, we will have the refreshment and start your lesson again. You maybe want to try a different class or want to know deeper about the previous class. Just let us know in advance to arrange the class for you. Finally, we have our dinner in this place and back to the hotel after the dinner.

Day 3- East Bali trip- Bali Study Tour

On the third day of Bali study tour, we will visit the eastern part of Bali so that you can feel the old Bali. There are many places you can visit, all of the places have historical values.

Firstly, we will visit a colonial justice court building called Kerta Gosa. There are two main building in the compound, The Justice Court Building, and the Water Pavilion or Bale Kambang. In the ceiling of both pavilions, you can see the traditional painting as decoration. Besides of the two pavilions, you can visit the museum there. You can find old textiles, weapons, and even the old newspaper from the colonial era.

Secondly,  we will go to Tenganan Village, an old village that well known because of their tradition and double ikat cloths (kain Geringsing). To finish one cloth, it might take two years, or even more for the more complicated pattern. Other than clothes making, you can also find people draw and write on palm leaves.

Taman Ujung is our next destination. The architecture is a mix of Balinese, Chinese, and European style so that this place has a unique architecture. During the reign of Karangasem Kingdom, this place was the King’s Holiday Palace. The King of Karangasem built this palace in 1909 so that parts of the east Bali history can be found in this palace.

Day 4- Farewell day

This is your last day in Bali. Depending on your flight schedule, we will have a city tour in Denpasar or will take you to the airport to continue your journey back home. We hope you have a lot of things to study and have a nice flight.

Should you need to have a different itinerary or a different number of people, do not hesitate to contact us. We can create a Bali study tour package just as you need.  See you in Bali.

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