Culinary and Heritage Tourism of Chinatown Jakarta (Private Tour)

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Culinary and Heritage Tourism of Chinatown Jakarta (Private Tour)

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  • Food Street Tour
  • Visit Old Market
  • Visit Chinese Herb Medicines Store
  • Photography/Video
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Heritage Tourism of Chinatown Jakarta In many countries, Chinatown could be an attractive tourism destination. Because it has unique characteristics. It is a symbol of cultural and religious amalgamation. And it is a complex with mixing functions. Among others shopping centers, restaurants, religious places, old market and of course, the place for living for Ethnic Chinese.....

Heritage Tourism of Chinatown Jakarta

In many countries, Chinatown could be an attractive tourism destination. Because it has unique characteristics. It is a symbol of cultural and religious amalgamation. And it is a complex with mixing functions. Among others shopping centers, restaurants, religious places, old market and of course, the place for living for Ethnic Chinese. Not least in Indonesia where most of its regions have Chinatowns. Moreover, Chinatown Jakarta is known as the oldest and largest Chinatown. Historically, long before the Dutch Colonial occupied Jakarta or previously Sunda Kelapa, Chinatown has existed. Since 1741 the Chinese People had lived and conducted trading in the harbor city of Jakarta. Currently, Chinatown Jakarta is more popular with name “Glodok” or Golodog means the Gateway to the House (ancient Sunda Kingdom).

So, this year we welcome the festive of the Lunar New Year by launching our unique Heritage Tourism – Chinatown Jakarta Tour. Here, we offer several destinations that you could join to explore Chinatown Jakarta and its surrounding neighbors. Travelers could join 4 hours tour in the morning session or afternoon season. The morning session starts at 09:30 AM – 13:30 PM, while afternoon session starts at 04:00 PM – 07:00 PM. And, the local guide shall lead the guests by walking. For the private tour, it is organized only from Monday to Friday with minimum 2 guests. And the price has included meals. For Regular Weekend Tour, check our open trip pacakge with special price.


So, Below is details of our Chinatown Jakarta Private Tour:

1. Glodok

Travelers shall meet our local guide at Pantjoran Tea House. It is located at Pancoran Raya No.4-6 Glodok Tamansari, West Jakarta. Start from the tea house, Travelers shall stop and visit some attractive spots. The first stop is Traditional Chinese Herbs Stores. You could see how a Sin She or the expert gather herbs into medicines. Then, the journey continues to visit Tak Kie Coffee Kiosk where you could enjoy some traditional hot and ice coffee. Near to the coffee shop, there is a traditional market of Petak 9 and Chinese grocery store. Then travelers visit a 400- years old Vihara called Dharma Bhakti Vihara. Another unique spot is Saint Maria De-Fatima Church who is famous for its Chinese Architecture. Finally, we stop and enjoy culinary at Kali Mati – Koh Handi Vegetarian Restaurant to taste Belitung Noodles.


2. Pasar Baru

Alternatively, Travelers could choose Pasar Baru Chinatown. We start the journey from the designated meeting point at Antara Photography Building. It is located at Antara Street Pasar Baru, Sawah Besar, Central Jakarta.  Then, we get through Kompak Building and some old stores in a line. We shall do the culinary tour at Gang Kelinci. After the short break, we continue to visit 400 years old Vihara, Sin Tek Vihara. Near to the Vihara, there is 200 years old Chinese Groceries, Lie Ie Seng Groceries. Lastly, we stop at Lao Tse Mosque which is unique with its Chinese Architecture style.


3. Mangga Besar/Tangkiwood Town

Mangga Besar or Tangkiwood Town is also another Chinatown complex in Jakarta. We start the journey from the meeting point Kong Djie Coffee Restaurant. It located at Biak Street No. 32A, Gambir, Central Jakarta. The first stop is Avolaktesvara Vihara. Then, we visit a Kampong name Tangkiwood or Lokasari. Next, we stop at a house of Indonesian Legend Artist Laela Sari. She was a multi-talented actress and a comedian. We continue the trip to visit Thio Kong Bio Vihara, another temple at this complex. Near to the vihara, there is extreme culinary. The restaurants dish up Cobra, spider and some others. You could try if you like or want to know the taste. After that, we visit Durian Shop where various local durians and imported ones are available. Lastly, we close the trip by enjoying culinary at Pho Saigon, a Vietnam cuisine.


4. Cilincing Fisherman Village

This fisherman village is also known as Chinatown complex. Firstly, our local guide shall pick up Travelers at Lalitavistara Vihara as the meeting point. After spending couple minutes to explore the Vihara and makes some beautiful photos, we continue the journey to visit Pagoda Cilincing. The pagoda functioned as a crematorium. Then, we visit a local fish market where you could interact with local people/fishermen. There is a temple near to the market namely Segara Temple. Next, the journey brings you to Deret Village near to Cilincing Harbor. The harbor also functioned as fish auction center. Another attractive spot at this complex is Al-Alam Mosque which has been built since 400 years ago. Finally, we close the journey by having lunch or dinner together at Babe Seafood Restaurant.


5. Tangerang Chinatown – Old Market

Tangerang City is a neighbor of Jakarta City which can be reached by vehicle or train. We start the journey by meeting at Tangerang Train Station. Then, we visit Encim Sukaria Restaurant, a Peranakan (crossbreed) culinary. Favorite menus are nasi uduk and ketupat sayur. Nasi uduk is rice which is cooked in coconut milk. While ketupat sayur is rice cake with coconut milk sauce comes with vegetables. Next, stop at old coffee milling and the old market to taste street foods. We continue to visit the oldest Vihara, Boen Tek Bio Vihara. Another culinary is Rombauer Cafe to taste a cup of coffee. Another spot is the House of Oey KT, the legend author of Kung Fu series. Then, we visit Paddumutara Vihara. Another best culinary is Bun Tin Traditional Ice before we walk along the shore of Cisadane River. Finally, we stop at Heritage Museum as our final destination.

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Nearby Airport
Soekarno Hatta International Airport
Experience Location
Pantjoran Tea House - Pancoran Raya No. 4-6 Glodok Tamansari 9,5 Pinangsia Jakarta 11120
Meeting Point
  1. Gedung Foto Jurnalistik Antara
    Jalan Antara No. 59 Pasar Baru, Sawah Besar Jakarta Pusat 10710
  2. Kedai Kopi Kong Djie
    Jalan Mangga Besar No. 42 Kota Tua Tamansari Jakarta Barat 11510
  3. Vihara Lalitavistara
    Jalan Cilincing Lama I, No. 3 Jakarta Utara 14120
  4. Stasiun KA Tangerang
    Stasiun Tangerang, Sukarasa, Tangerang City, Banten, Indonesia
  5. Stasiun KA Bogor
    Stasiun Bogor, Cibogor, Bogor City, West Java, Indonesia


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