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Ladawan Sondak - 2017-05-24 11:14:41
Recently, my brother and I had an unplanned trip to join a Waisak ceremony at Borobudur Central Java, Indonesia. There was only 3 days left before the ceremony started. It was our luck that we chose to contact Yoexplore. Yoexplore’s representative, Ms. Ida, is such very helpful and very nice person. Her services is highly appreciated. She is such a high service minded person. She has treated us like her own friend. She has assisted me night and day to arrange the tour programs, the flights and the hotels, transportation , tour guide till my brother and I can attend Waisak ceremony on time. So we can complete our mission as we wish. Ida has helped us to do an online checked in, so we can have the boarding passes ready to avoid any chaos at the airport. During the trip, she still keeps checking whether everything is ok with us. The hotel she chose to book for us is over our expectations due to the price, she just tries her best to arrange everything to fit the budget we plan. Yo Explore would be my number choice to contact if I would like to visit Indonesia whether for my personal trips or the trips relates to works. To have Yo Explore to be your tour consultant is likes you have a friend who will only give you the honest advices. I highly recommend you to contact YoExplore whenever you guys would like to visit Indonesia. Cheers Yo Explore!
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