7D6N Moslem Tour Bandung and Shopping Trip

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7D6N Moslem Tour Bandung and Shopping Trip

Halal trip Bandung
7 hari
  • Explore Bandung Barat: Lembang Area
  • Explore Bandung Selatan: Ciwidey and Kawah Putih
  • Shopping Tour: Branded Stuffs at FOs, Cihampelas
  • Shopping Tour: Shoes and Bags at Cibaduyut
  • Culinary Tour
What You'll Do
Enjoy our One Week Moslem Tour Bandung and Shopping Trip. We design it carefully especially meals and accommodations for our guests. During our Moslem Tour Bandung, travelers shall visit many attractive destinations. Also, travelers could enjoy outdoor activities as well as the culinary trip. In addition, we also include one day trip for shopping. Moreover,....

Enjoy our One Week Moslem Tour Bandung and Shopping Trip. We design it carefully especially meals and accommodations for our guests. During our Moslem Tour Bandung, travelers shall visit many attractive destinations. Also, travelers could enjoy outdoor activities as well as the culinary trip. In addition, we also include one day trip for shopping. Moreover, Bandung is well known as a place for hunting beautiful branded dresses, shoes and stuff. Many visitors visit Bandung on weekend merely for shopping. So, check detail of itinerary of our Moslem Tour Bandung and Shopping Trip.


Itinerary 7D6N Moslem Tour Bandung and Shopping Trip

Day 1 Bandung City Sightseeing

Once you reach Bandung, our local guide will meet and greet you. The local guide picks you up from the designating meeting points. It could be at the airport, train station or hotel. Then, we start the journey by doing city sightseeing.

Gedung Sate

Firstly, we visit Satay House (Gedung Sate), a famous heritage landmark of Bandung City. It was developed in 1920 by a Dutch Architect J, Gerber. The building has a stunning architecture which combining Indonesia-European style. Currently, it is functioning as the office of the Governor of West Java Province.

Then, we make a break for lunch by enjoying Sundanese Halal Cuisine. Sambara Restaurant or Sindang Reret Restaurant could be the best options. They are the two most famous Sundanese Restaurant near to Satay House. The favorite menus are gurame fish, golden fish, sayur asam, chicken satay and many more.

Balai Kota Bandung

After the culinary tour, we continue to visit the Balai Kota Bandung. Balai Kota Bandung is the office complex for the Regency of Bandung City. The complex has beautiful parks. There are Labirin Park and the Lock of Love Park (Taman Gembok Cinta). These two parks are very famous among young travelers. They are instagramable and have beautiful spots for selfies.

Asia Africa Street and Braga Street

Lastly, we make a visit to Asia Africa Street and Braga Street. Asia Africa Street is the most famous street in Bandung. In 1955, the first Asian-African Conference was held. Leaders from newly independent nations gathered to formulate peace and economic development policies. Then in 2015, the commemorate of 60th Asian Africa Conference held in this area. Nearby to Asia Africa Street, there are Braga Street, Alun- Alun Bandung and Grand Mosque. Travelers like to do photography (selfies). You could enjoy old buildings with Dutch architecture.

To close the day, you could choose to overnight in Bandung City. Alternatively, you could spend a night at Lembang. Several Syariah hotel in Bandung City among others Ruby Syariah Hotel, Cinnamon Hotel Boutique, and Noor Muslim Boutique Hotel. In addition, there are many resorts and camping area with the wonderful natural panorama in Lembang area. Amongst others are Sapu Lidi Resort, the Lodge Maribaya, Terminal Wisata Grafika Cikole and Imah Seniman. You could enjoy halal dinner at the resort. So here are all activities for the first day of our Moslem Tour Bandung.

Day 2 Explore the Tangkuban Perahu Mount and the Craters

In the second day of our Moslem Tour Bandung, we shall explore the Tangkuban Perahu Volcano.  The name of the volcano relates to its shape which looks like an overturned boat. Visitors could walk into its slope. And because of this unique shape, the Sundanese People then created a folktale the Legend of Sangkuriang. The story tells about how the Tangkuban Perahu Mount created. Tangkuban Perahu has three craters namely Kawah Ratu (Queen Crater), Kawah Domas (Domas Crater), and Kawah Upas (Upas Crater). Kawah Domas is open to the public. It produces hot geysers and you can boil eggs into it. On the other hand, Kawah Ratu is the main crater which has a pool of water and sometimes produces poisonous gases.

After exploring Tangkuban Perahu, we can enjoy lunch at resorts in Lembang area. Near to Tangkuban Perahu, we could visit Grafika Cikole, one-stop service ecotourism. Travelers could enjoy cool fresh air while walking in a pine forest. There are many outdoor activities with affordable price among others flying fox, strawberry farm, paintball, and ATV. You just need to prepare some cash for meals and outdoor activities.

Alternatively, we could visit Sapu Lidi Sawah Cafe and Resort. Here, you could enjoy culinary of Sundanese cuisine at a gazebo surrounded by paddy fields. Then, you could go canoeing around the lake, shop for crafts and souvenirs.

We could also make a stop at the Lodge Maribaya. Known as the center of outbound, the Lodge Maribaya has facilities for camping, sky swing, sky bike and sky three. The location with pine forest panorama is instagramable with many beautiful spots for selfies.

Day 3 Explore Lembang: Floating Market, De Ranch, Farm House

Now, we arrive at the third day of our Moslem Tour Bandung. We start our day by enjoying breakfast at the Hotel/Resort. After finishing breakfast, we make first stop at De’Ranch, Lembang. De’Ranch offers a concept of nature holiday with horse ranch and cowboy style. De’Ranch Saddle Club offers several attractive activities for its visitors. You could try to one-hour tour by riding a horse-assisted by a professional guide.

Secondly, we visit Floating Market Lembang. The concept is almost same as the floating market in Thailand. You could taste a lot of culinary of the traditional menu for your lunch.

Thirdly, we make a stop at Farm House Lembang. Even though relatively new in operation since 2015, yet it is quite famous and crowd by visitors. Farm House offers a concept of Selfie Tour. Many attractive spots here for selfies with European Style are available here. There is a small hobbit house with the beautiful garden. It is very instagramable. Then, it provides farm area of cows, rabbits, birds, hedgehog, and sheep. You could rent European customs to make your selfies more unique. It also has beautiful flower gardens, cafe, and buildings with European architecture.

Day 4 Moslem Tour Bandung Explore Ciwidey

The fourth day is the day to explore and get unique experiences at Ciwidey. Ciwidey is the southern area of Bandung. We shall visit White Crater (Kawah Putih), Situ Patenggang (Patenggang Lake), Glamping Rancabali, and Ciwidey Strawberry Farm.

Kawah Putih

Kawah Putih or White Crater is the most famous destination in Ciwidey area. It is a volcanic lake with white and green color water. The smell of sulfur is not too strong so we could walk around the lake and make some beatiful photos. A long time ago during colonization, the Dutch and the Japanese built the factory to mine sulfur at this location. The factory has not been in operation anymore. You could buy sulfur from some local people who sell it in small packages. Sulfur is useful for skin disease.

Situ Patenggang and Lake Side Rancabali

Then, riding about 7 km away from Kawah Putih, we shall arrive in Situ Patenggang. The lake surrounded by green tea plantation offers a beautiful natural scenery with a cool temperature. There is a new resort in this area Glamping Lake Side Rancabali. You may experience glamping (glamour camping) in Rancabali. Camping with tents on the open space surrounding with green tea plantation. The Camp has hotel room facilities. It has a restaurant called Pinisi Restaurant. The Restaurant is beautiful with the unique design of a big wooden boat. Visitors should cross a big wood-rope bridge to reach the restaurant. Surrounding with a wonderful panorama, it is the best place to have a lunch break. It serves the best taste of Sundanese Cuisine. Satisfy the gastronomy things, then we could spend the time to enjoy the lake. Visitors could rent a boat to do sightseeing around the lake.

Ciwidey Strawberry Farm and Ciwidey Mushroom Hill

Furthermore, we could enjoy nature trip to Ciwidey Strawberry Farm. Located along the Ciwidey Road, visitors could experience harvesting strawberries and buy strawberries at home. Finally, we make a short stop at Ciwidey Mushroom Hill for selfies.

Cibaduyut – Shoes Home Industries

Before we end the journey, we make a visit to Cibaduyut Raya Street. Cibaduyut is a center of home industries that produce leather shoes, bags, and jackets. Here, travelers could purchase good quality leather crafts with the very competitive price. Finally, before we end the trip, we heading to Dago Hill Area. There, we could enjoy dinner and see nite panorama of Bandung City from a hill. Sierra Cafe and Lounge is an alternative to a perfect place for tasting delicious dishes. Beautiful panorama could be seen from outside of restaurants. Alternatively, we could choose Stone Cafe and Cocorico Cafe with the best rooftop dining.

Day 5 Stone Garden

The fifth day in Bandung is a special day of our Moslem Tour Bandung. Because we will bring travelers to meet local communities who are maintaining a geopark. After finishing breakfast in the hotel, we will directly go to Stone Garden Geopark. Stone Garden Geopark is the ancient rock park, a mountain of a shallow ancient sea floor. The rocks are all original from million years coral animal fossils. It offers magnificent scenery, a limestone hills surrounded by the green scenery. And you feel like you are living at a stone age. Even though the location is on the mountain, but the trekking path is flat and the air is refreshingly cool. Here, you could hunt beautiful photography and selfies. We will have lunch prepared by locals: nasi liwet, fried chicken, pepes tahu, young coconut water and others.

Moreover, after spending the half day at Stone Garden, then the group make a visit to Saung Angklung Udjo (SAU). SAU is a center for Angklung performance and workshop. Every afternoon around 3.30 – 5.30 PM visitors could enjoy angklung orchestra, playing angklung and dancing together. You could buy souvenirs especially crafts made from bamboo. Then, the group shall visit Amazing Art World where travelers could experience the sensation of 3D foto background or alternatively go to Upside Down World photo studio. For dinner, we could try batagor and siomay made primarily from fish, pawn, and chicken with peanut sauce, bakso, nasi goreng and other traditional dishes.

Day 6 Moslem Tour Bandung – Happy Shopping

We call the fourth day as the Happy Shopping – Moslem Tour Bandung. It because you could spend a whole day for shopping. Bandung City is not only famous for its cool temperature, nature, culinary and history, but it is also famous as a haven for the shopaholic, stylish chick, and fashionable travelers. Why? Because in Bandung, you could find any kinds of stuff related to fashions with affordable price. Where do you should go? Factory Outlets. So, here are some FOs and shopping center which we could visit:

•    Rumah Mode:

Located at Setiabudi Street, this is very famous FO with a lot of clothes, bags, and shoes with good quality. The kinds of stuff are available to start from baby, toddler, teenagers and men/women. The venue is enjoyable completed with food court, bakery, and snacks.

•    FOs along Riau Street:

The Secret, the Summit, the Heritage, For Men, Terminal Tas, and Stamp. The Secret provides world-class fashions with reasonable price. The Summit has a lot of product variations with good quality and enjoyable place. The Heritage provides the unique and exotic venue with old historical buildings. It also sells branded fashions with competitive price. While ForMen, according to its name, it provides good quality products only for men.  On the other hand, you could purchase any model of bags and wallets at Terminal Tas. Last but not least, Stamp is a factory outlet that sells local products, especially from Bandung.

•    FOs along Dago Street:

Victoria, Level, Blossom, Seximo, and Grande. Seximo provides special fashions for parties and semi-formal events. While Grande is also famous among shopaholic and always crowded with visitors. On the other hand, Blossom which also famous FO offers a range of product varieties for any gender/age. Moreover, shoppers could take a break at the food court in Blossom. And, Victoria offers special design for the convenience of shopping at a competitive price. Last but not least, Level is the best choice for family because it provides children playground and food court.

•    Kartika Sari Dago, Brownies Amanda, and Prima Rasa Bakery and Pastry:

Best places with best bakeries. You also should try siomay and batagor with the main ingredient is fish/prawn/chicken.

•    Cihampelas Jeans Center and Ciwalk Shopping Mall:

Cihampelas is well known as a place for hunting jeans, t-shirts and many other kinds of stuff.

For lunch and dinner, we could try Bumbu Desa and Ayam Goreng Suharti as well as Kambing Bakar Cairo. Bumbu Desa serves Indonesian and Sundanese Cuisine such as grilled carp, grilled chicken, oxtail soup and many others. While, Ayam Goreng Suharti specialized in fried chicken which is crunchy, tender and so delicious. On the other hand, Kambing Bakar Cairo located at Cihampelas Street offers grilled lamb, lamb satay, Egyptian soup, Indian flatbread and chicken satay.

Day 7 Farewell Day

End of our Moslem Tour Bandung and time to say goodbye to Bandung City. After enjoying your last breakfast at the hotel, our local guide will transfer you to the airport or train station. We are very open to modifying this itinerary to fulfill your wish when you explore Bandung City.

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