Bali Halal Tour Package 5D4N With East Bali Visit

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Bali Halal Tour Package 5D4N With East Bali Visit

Halal trip Kuta
5 hari
  • Visit East Bali
  • Visit Uluwatu
  • Visit Garuda Wisnu Kencana
  • Kintamani visit
What You'll Do
Bali halal tour Package – Bali is a small island in Indonesia Archipelago. Although the almost 90% of the people in Bali believe in Hinduism, Bali can be one of the choices for any Muslim travelers. There are so many interesting places you can find around the island. Furthermore, the people are also well known....

Bali halal tour Package – Bali is a small island in Indonesia Archipelago. Although the almost 90% of the people in Bali believe in Hinduism, Bali can be one of the choices for any Muslim travelers. There are so many interesting places you can find around the island. Furthermore, the people are also well known for their high religious tolerance. In 2017, the King of Saudi Arabia even extended his stay on this Island because of the warm welcome he received during his stay. You will visit some interesting places and experience the local wisdom.

 Day 1- Uluwatu half day tour – Bali Halal Tour Package

The first day of your Bali halal tour package, you will meet our local guide at Ngurah Rai International Airport. We will bring you to please your appetite in a Sundanese restaurant called Pawon Pasundan. The location is not far away from the airport and this restaurant is halal certified. After lunch, we will take you to Puja Mandala in Nusa Dua.

Puja Mandala is the compound of 5 holy places of 5 religions in Bali. You can pray in the Mosque within the compound. During His Majesty King Salman of Saudi Arabia visit in Bali, some of the princes chose this mosque to have their Friday Prayer.

Firstly, we will take you to see the crystal blue Indian Ocean in Padang-padang beach. The beach itself surrounded by cliffs. Secondly, we will go to Uluwatu temple to see the sunset and enjoy a Kecak Fire Dance. With all the glory of the past in the temple compound and mysterious chant as the music of the dance, you will feel like almost being in the ancient time. The green trees and some monkey also make you feel close to nature.

Finishing this, we will go to Jimbaran Bay to have your dinner at Seafood Restaurant. Should you finish your dinner, we will take you to the hotel to enjoy your rest. Please kindly be informed that the lunch and dinner will be at your own expenses.

Day 3 Enjoy Tanjung Benoa Watersport- Garuda Wisnu Kencana

We will go to Tanjung Benoa after you get your breakfast. There are a lot of water sports that you can try. Banana Boat, Parasailing, Jet Sky, Flying Fish- you name it! You can have all the fun and thrill playing in the blue island for about two hours or maybe more.  We can hear your stomach grumble after all this fun. Our guide will take you to Queens of India, an Indian Halal Restaurant. Another choice is Natrabu, a Padang restaurant. You can eat the authentic taste of Padang food. Feel the spice that will make you crave for more.

What can be more relaxing than having a pampering treatment after all that fun in the water sports area? Yes, we will take you to have 2 hours of spa treatment.  Relax your muscles and feel the calm music during the treatment will take your energy back.

After all the pampering, we will take you Pandawa beach and enjoy the Panorama in this place, you can see the vast blue Indian Ocean surrounded by the limestone cliff. Your journey continues to Garuda Wisnu Kencana. Garuda Wisnu Kencana is a complex of a cultural park with the main attraction of the Garuda Wisnu statue. The statue itself is under construction and planned to be higher than Liberty Statue. You can also find some interesting performance in the park area. You can choose your dinner in the park or our guide can take you to a restaurant near the venue.

Please be advised that package activity such as watersport, spa, and also meals will be on your own expenses.

Day 3- Kintamani full day trip- Bali Halal Tour Package

You will be at the Barong and Kris dance performance by 9 am. Enjoy the story of the good and the bad in about one hour. At the end of the dance, some dancer will come into a trance and stab their chests using a Kris dagger without injuring their self.

After the intense in watching the performance, our guide will take you into a silversmith village of Celuk. The silversmith will show you from the beginning and through the complicated process turn the silver into a jewelry.

We then go to Kintamani area to visit one the biggest volcano crater in Bali. Enjoying the panorama of Batur mountain and lake, you will also chill out in one of the restaurants there to have your lunch. The air is clean and the temperature is also perfect. You can see the great Batur mountain with smoke appear on the top of the mountain. The lake itself is a very large blue water surface surrounded by some hills and mountain create a very nice combination.

Finally after the Batur sightseeing, we back to Batuan Village. Here you can meet the Maestros of Balinese dance in Tri Pusaka Budaya dance workshop. You can see how the people in this place conserving the arts of Bali

Before back to the hotel, you will have your dinner in Denpasar Area. There is two restaurant that you can choose, both are a Sundanese halal restaurant. You can explore the freshness of Sunda cuisine. Dinner will be on your bill.

 Day 4- Eastern Bali – Bali Halal Tour Package

The eastern part of Bali will make you feel the old Bali. There are many places you can visit, all of the places have historical values.

First, we will visit a colonial justice court building. There are two main building in the compound, The Justice Court Building, and the Water Pavilion. In the ceiling of both pavilions, you can see the traditional painting as decoration. Besides of the two pavilions, you can visit the museum there. You also can find old textiles, weapons, and even the old newspaper from the colonial era.

Just across the road, you can find the second biggest market in Bali, The Klungkung Market. Traditional Balinese clothes like Ikat, Songket, and many more are plenty in this place. You can also find many kinds of gold jewelry in this market.

Second, you will visit a village called Kamasan, the home of Kamasan Style Painting. Most of the people in Kamasan are the artisan. They create paintings, silver bowl or “Bokor”, and other metal works. After the visit, you can have lunch in Kusamba, enjoying the seafood.

Finishing your lunch we proceed to Goa Lawah temple. Here you can see a temple with so many bats in the cave. The Goa Lawah itself means the Cave of Bats. Then we will go to Tenganan Village, an old village that well known because of their tradition and double ikat cloths. To finish one cloth, it might take two years, or even more if the pattern is very complicated. You can also find people draw and write on palm leaves. After visit Tenganan, we will back to your hotel. You can have dinner on the way back in Denpasar or dinner at your hotel.

All the meals in today’s trip will be at your own expenses.

 Day 5- Kuta City tour and airport transfer.

This is your last day on Bali Halal Tour Package. Depending on your flight schedule, our guide might take you on a city tour or to the airport. You will go to Kuta to see the Kuta area and visit some interesting spot such as Kuta beach or Bali Bombing Monument. You can also have shopping session to buy some souvenirs.

We hope you enjoy your vacation in Bali and see you again.

  • Please note that you might be charged additional hotel charge if the participant of the trip from the opposite gender. All couples checking into the same room must present a valid marriage certificate upon check-in as per the law.


What You Need to Bring

Hat, SPF cream, wet suit

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21 hari 0 jam di muka
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14 hari 0 jam di muka
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What's Included
  • 4 Night Accomodations at Syariah Hotel
  • Lunch for day 3
  • Entrance Fee
  • Full-day Car
  • Parking Fee
What's Excluded
  • Air line tickets
  • dinner for day 3
  • Luch and Dinner for day 1
  • lunch and dinner for day 2
  • Lunch and dinner for day 4
  • lunch for day 5
  • spa
  • Water Sport Activities Tickets
  • Drinks
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Child: Maksimum 1
Adult: Minimum 2, Maksimum 6
Participants Age
Adult: from 12 until 65 years old
Child: from 4 until 11 years old
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