Nusa Penida Package 2D1N Exploring Nusa Penida

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Nusa Penida Package 2D1N Exploring Nusa Penida

Sightseeing Nusapenida
2 hari
  • Explore the west part of Nusa Penida in the first day
  • Explore the east part of Nusa Penida in the second day
  • Stay overnight in Nusa Penida
What You'll Do
Nusa Penida, YOEXPLORE - Enjoying your holiday in Nusa Penida is one of the alternatives you can choose if you are in Bali. Nusa Penida package gives you a lot of destination choice to visit. If one day is not enough to explore this beautiful island, we offer you two days vacation in Nusa Penida. Your journey....

Nusa Penida, YOEXPLORE – Enjoying your holiday in Nusa Penida is one of the alternatives you can choose if you are in Bali. Nusa Penida package gives you a lot of destination choice to visit. If one day is not enough to explore this beautiful island, we offer you two days vacation in Nusa Penida.

Your journey to this beautiful paradise starts from Sanur Bay. The boat will cross Badung Strait at 8.30 In the morning please be there at least 30 minutes before departure. You can go directly to Dwi Manunggal Fast Boat ticket counter and bring your booking confirmation to get your ticket. As soon as you get to Nusa Penida harbor, our driver is ready to take you to the adventure.

During this Nusa Penida package, we will provide you lunch box so you can have your meal in your desired time and places.

Day 1- Explore The Beaches of West Nusa Penida

On your first day in Nusa Penida Package, we will take you to explore the famous beaches in Nusa Penida as below:

Klingking Beach-  This famous beach is surrounded by the steep cliff. If you want to reach the beach you will have to climb down the cliff. The cliff is very steep but you will see the stunning view from above.  There is a  head rock in this place looks like a T-rex’s head so that this beach also famous with another name, T-rex Beach.

Broken Beach- After enjoying the view on Klingking beach, then we move to another beach,  Broken Beach. Broken Beach gets the name because of the big hole in the cliff that surrounds the beach. Some people said the beach was a cave, but then the ceiling of the cave collapsed, creating the beach surrounded by the rock wall.

Angels Billabong- This billabong is very famous. You can reach this natural pond by climbing down the cliff. You can see the crystal clear water that invites you to swim or just to dip your feet in this billabong from above. However, please you listen to the instruction from your guide or local people if you want to swim. During the low tide, the water looks so calm, but the current might be very strong during the high wave so that during this condition people are prohibited to swim. If you cannot swim, you can still enjoy the magnificent view from above.

Sunset at Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay-  This bay has a crystal clear water hence the beach gets its name. You can enjoy the clear water and the very nice view of the beach and the sky. During the sunset, this beach looks stunning. The crystal clear water and the red sun rays creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere,  Crystal Bay is our last destination on the first day of our Nusa Penida Package.

We will take you to the hotel to check in after watching the sunset. You can take a rest after the beautiful journey we take. Dinner is not included in this package, so you can have your dinner in the hotel or in the nearby restaurant.

Day 2  Nusa Penida Package: Explore the eastern part of the island.

In the morning after you have your breakfast, we will pick you to continue this journey. Please check out after you have breakfast because we will not back again to the hotel. We provide you lunch box as we have the day before so that you can choose your place and time to have your lunch. We will visit the places as below:

Atuh Beach- On this rocky beach, you can see the big rock out of the water body during the high tide. You can also see a hole in one of the big rock in this beaches. The combination of blue water and sturdy rock emerged will leave you stunned. If you come during the low tide, you can see the rocks on the floor of the beach stretched to the high sea.

Teletubbies Hill – This beautiful hill gets the name because many visitors find that the looks of this hill just like the one in Teletubbies TV Show. Beneath the green surface, this hill made of limestone. From distance, you can see the green mounds form semicircles makes it become more and more similar with the view on the TV Show.

Giri Putri Cave Temple- Nusa Penida Package

Goa Giri Putri- Goa Giri Putri is a cave that famous because of the temple inside. This place is a holy place for the Hindu people. There are many shrines in this cave temple to worship the God and Goddess Giri Putri. This place is also visited by local people to do their pilgrimage. You can see the beautiful cave and shrines as well as many people in traditional costume praying in this place.

Thousand Island- Thousand island or Raja Lima is a beach that you can observe from a cliff.  From the cliff, you can see the stone islands emerged from the sea. These scattered rock islands make the view looks like the one in Raja Ampat, hence the people call this place Raja Lima. This beautiful place is the last destination for our Nusa Penida Package.

We will take you back to the harbor at 2 pm, and your journey back to Bali will start soon. We hope that you enjoy this Nusa Penida package and back again soon. You can also check our other package here and here.



What You Need to Bring

Hat, Sunscreen, Camera

Max. Booking Hours
5 hari 0 jam di muka
Waktu Mulai Aktivitas
Kebijakan pembatalan
Booking cancelation is not allowed
What's Included
  • Car (with driver and fuel)
  • Fast boat ticket (round trip Sanur Nusa Penida)
  • Lunch (box)
  • mineral water (1 bottle)
  • Soft drink or Juice
What's Excluded
  • dinner
  • personal expenses
  • Tipping
Participants Per Booking
Adult: Minimum 1, Maksimum 6
Participants Age
Adult: from 12 until 65 years old
Child: from 4 until 11 years old
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