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Lake Toba Tour, one of the best family educational Trips in North Sumatra

best family educational Trips
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Indonesia has many interesting tourist destinations. Beach, mountains, cultural tour, edu tourism, nature and wilderness tour, culinary, etc., are types of experiences you may explore in Indonesia. Whatever your passion or whatever your interest is, you can find it in Indonesia. You may travel alone or with your family. Unfortunately, there is not much information about the best family educational trips destinations in this archipelago country. If you want to explore Indonesia tourism, you are in the right place. YoExplore is a marketplace that gathers tour organizers from various regions in Indonesia. The tours are organized by local people who obviously know exactly their town.

best family educational Trips

Toba Lake scenery

Enjoy Family Educational Trips at Lake Toba, North Sumatra

This time YoExplore will invite you to explore one of the best tourist destinations in Indonesia. Lake Toba is the second largest and deepest lake in the world. Its depth reaches 450 meters with a length of 100 km and a width of 30 km. The lake, which is located on Sumatra Island, was formed by a volcanic explosion about thousands years ago. Lake Toba has pure blue water and amazing nature. You can enjoy family recreation, photography, sightseeing and explore traditional Batak culture and villages on this island. Batak is the name of ethnic group from several tribes around Samosir Island. Lake Toba will be the best family educational trips you ever had.

Moreover,in the middle of this large and beautiful lake, you will see Samosir Island. We can reach the Island by boat. On this island, your family will be pampered by beautiful panorama at the highlands. We are proud to recommend this tour as our best family educational trips because you and your children may interact with friendly locals, and enjoy the hot spring. If you come around September to November, you may watch the annual festival where visitors may enjoy various art shows.

best family educational Trips

Enjoying the traditional culture of Batak peole

Wildlife Family Educational Trips in Lauser Mountain National Park

Family vacation is an opportunity to strengthen the relationship between you, your partner and your children. For example, by having a day of jungle trekking in Leuser Mountain National Park, not only you will get in touch with the nature, you will also have a valuable moment to get closer each other as a family. You then can be relaxed and have a fun with your family after trekking. In this rain forest, you can explore many wildlife such as elephants, tapirs, rhinos, and so on. In addition, this park is also known as a home for orangutans. The best part of this trip is that you have the privilege to see orangutan in Sumatra Rainforest. You can educate your children about animals in a  Rainforest of a tropical country. This is an interesting family trip, isn’t it ?

After enjoying and learning about the habitat of orangutans, you may take your family to visit Kampret Cave to see a flock of bats, then rest at Bukit Lawang Ecolodge Resort.

City Sightseeing, Another Part of Family Educational Trips to Explore

After getting closer with animals and nature in the Rainforest, you may want to  explore the beautiful city in the Karo Highlands called Berastagi. The temperature in Berastagi is much cooler than that of other regions in North Sumatra. This place is surrounded by stunning views of the Sibayak and Sinabung mountains. Berastagi is known for its agro-industry. Do you want to meet the  local community more closely? Let’s visit the local market to taste fruits such as marquise, salak, and lemon. By visiting the traditional market, your children will have knowledge about tropical fruits. Getting knowledge about various types of tropical fruits are one of the reason why do we recommend this Lake Toba Tour as our best educational family trips.

Explore a Village Eco-Tourism Destination, another thing to do when planning a Family Educational Trip

Next trip is to visit a village that is famous for eco-tourism named Tangkahan village. In this village your children may be excited for seeing elephants in nature and interact with these intelligent animals. There is an elephant camp in Tangkahan where you will have an experience to bathe elephants. Have you imagined this? It may become your unforgettable family experience! After playing with the elephants, it is about the time to have a relaxation session in a hot water pool and waterfalls. This is an opportunity to educate your children to love animals and preserve the nature. This is not your common trip, but will be your best family educational trips!

best family educational Trips

Best Family Educational Trips

Explore The Capital City of North Sumatra

The last program in this Lake Toba Tour is to visit the capital city of North Sumatra. This special trip will take you and your beloved family to visit Maimun Palace, Gran Mosque, Velangkani Church, and Sri Mariaman Temple in the ‘Little India’. In this third largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta and Surabaya, we can see religious and cultural diversity. Beside that, we can explore the typical Medan culinary which is a rich heritage of Malay, Batak, Chinese and Indian cultures. How about that? Are you ready to pack and go to this one of the best family educational trips?

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