Tema - Art and Culture

Art and Culture are all things created by humans on how to live simultaneously with a group. That group has elements of uniqueness, beauty, or aesthetics and can be passed through generation. Indonesia is one of the countries that have Art and Culture diversity wealth. It is a pride for Indonesian people because the whole world also recognizes the uniqueness.


The word Art is Sani from the Sanskrit language and means offering, worship, and service and closely related to a religious ceremony that eventually called art. According to Ki Hajar Dewantara, art is the result of beauty that can move beautiful feelings for people who see it. Therefore, if there are human actions that can affect and cause a feeling of beauty, then it is called art.


Culture is a way to developed life, owned by a group and passed through generation. Culture is made from several complex elements. Such as the system of religion, customs, politics, language, custom clothes, the architecture of buildings and also works or relics of history and art.