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Visit Pangandaran by Train from Jakarta

Visit Pangandaran
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Good news from Jakarta! Besides using bus/car or airplane, now Travelers could travel and visit Pangandaran by using the train. The route is Jakarta (Gambir Station) – Bandung – Banjar Station. On 2 January 2019 PT. Kereta Api Indonesia (Indonesia Railways Company) has formally announced the reactivation of the New Pangandaran Train.

It is a positive effort of PT. KAI in collaboration with the Sub-National Government of West Java to support the success of Wonderful Indonesia Program. Hopefully, by developing easy access to the Southern Part of West Java could increase the growth of the tourism sector. Therefore, travelers could be easier to visit Garut, Tasikmalaya, Banjar, and Pangandaran area.

Visit Pangandaran: Family Vacation at Premier Beach Resort

Pangandaran is very famous for beach recreations, water sports, and spectacular sunsets and sunrises. Located at Pananjung Bay, a small peninsula, Pangandaran is the right destination for beach lovers.

Visit Pangandaran

Visit Pangandaran: Beautiful Panorama at the Batu Hiu Beach

Beautiful Beaches

At least, there are five most favorite beaches in Pangandaran, among other Pangandaran Beach, Penanjung Beach, Batu Karas Beach, Karang Nini Beach, and Batu Hiu Beach. You could enjoy black as well as white sand beaches where you could enjoy swimming, snorkeling spots, surfing, and many other water activities.

Visit Pangandaran

Snorkeling at Pangandaran

Visit Pangandaran National Park

Moreover, Pangandaran also the best destination for nature lovers since it has Pangandaran National Park. There are millions of attractions inside the National Park. You shall amaze with the richness of its flora and fauna. You could meet wild birds, forest deer, hornbills, monkeys, and other endangered wildlife.

Grand Canyon

Another attractive destination when you visit Pangandaran is exploring caves with beautiful natural stalactite and stalagmite as well as crystal stones with beautiful lights. And Green Canyon is the most famous and most-visited spot that you should not miss. Local people called it Cukang Taneuh.

Visit Pangandaran

Visit Pangandaran: Body Rafting at Grand Canyon

You could rent a wooden boat from the Ciseureuh Port for 15 minutes to reach the spot. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of two giant walls with waterfalls and river flowing between those hills. Once arriving, you could try a unique experience called body rafting and cliff jumping. You could book body rafting here and our local guide shall assist you to get the best and safe experience. On the other hand, you could enjoy the spot by walking around and do photography.


Alternatively, you could spend your quiet and peaceful day by fishing. Pangandaran is a fishing village where you could meet many fishermen with their boats. And Pangandaran should be proud because of our current Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries and a successful businesswoman, Mrs. Susi Pudjiastuti comes from this district. So, you could enjoy fishing activities and join fishermen spreading nets and pulling it out with heavy fishes inside it.

Last but not least, Pangandaran is the heaven for fresh seafood menu. So, visit the local market or local restaurant to enjoy the seafood culinary tour.

Therefore, we could conclude that to visit Pangandaran would be the best recreation destination for everyone, for family vacation, companies gathering trip with a range of ages from toddlers up to adults. And you could visit it at any time of the year.

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Train Schedule from Jakarta to Banjar Station

The New Pangandaran Train consists of 4 executive units plus 4 economy premium units with a total of 520 seats. If you decide to visit Pangandaran by train, then the trip starts from Gambir Station at Jakarta. The length of destination from Jakarta to Banjar Station is around 238.8 km. Normally, it shall take 8 hours to travel with transit at Bandung Station. The ticket is Rp. 160,000 up to Rp. 520,000 for Executive Class and Rp. 110,000 up to Rp. 330,000 for Economy Class.

The schedule of the New Pangandaran Train

– KA 12410 Departs from Gambir Station, Jakarta at07.50 AM and arrives in Bandung at 11:07 AM. The train departs from Bandung at 11:40 AM and arrives at Banjar Station at 3:05 PM.

– KA 12379 Departs from Banjar Station at 04:20 PM and reaches Bandung City at 20:34 PM.

– KA 12377 Departs from Banjar Station at 01:55 PM and reaches Bandung City at 06:34 PM. Then it departs from Bandung at 07:05 PM and arrives at Gambir Station at 10:34 PM.

– KA 12379 Departs from Banjar Station at 04:20 PM and arrives in Bandung at 08:34 PM.

From Banjar Station, you still need 2 hours more (around 75 km) to reach Pangandaran City. You could join bus with route Tasik – Banjar – Pangandaran, Tasik – Banjar – Cijulang, or Tasik – Banjar – Cimerak.

Besides using the New Pangandaran Train from Gambir Station, you could choose the Economy Train Serayu which departs from Senen Station, Jakarta Kota to Kroya. The train shall pass and stop at Jatinegara – Bekasi – Karawang – Cikampek – Purwakarta – Padalarang – Bandung – Kiaracondong – Tasikmalaya – Banjar – up to Kroya.

The schedule of the Seroya Train

– Morning Schedule: KA 218/215 departs from Senen Station on 09:15 AM and arrives at Banjar Station on 05:20 PM. For Banjar – Jakarta route, the train departs from Banjar Station on 09:10 AM and arrives at Senen Station on 05:13 PM.

– Evening Schedule: KA 220/221 departs from Senen Station on 09:00 PM and arrives at Banjar Station on 05:47 AM. From Banjar – Jakarta route, the train departs from Banjar Station on 07:15 PM and arrives at Senen Station on 04:02 AM.

Visit Pangandaran could be the best family gateway since it could be reached from Jakarta, Bandung or Yogyakarta easily. We recommend you to have an unforgettable family trip with a local guide who knows well the hot spots in Pangandaran. And contact YoExplore to connect you with the best local guides, to get the best deal for your hotels/accommodations, and to ease you to arrange the trip.

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