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Exciting New Guidelines for Your Next Adventure: Friendly Travel to Bali Advice Straight From a Local!

Travel to Bali Advice - 6 Tips - YOEXPLORE
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So, you’ve done it – you’ve marked your calendars, booked your flights, and maybe even chosen the perfect beachfront villa. Your dream holiday to the enchanting island of Bali is finally on the horizon! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of anticipation as you picture yourself relaxing on our sun-drenched beaches or exploring our lush, verdant landscapes.

But before you take off, I have some crucial travel to Bali advice to share. It’s not just about packing the right swimsuit or selecting the most Instagram-worthy sights. The saying goes, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” Well, when in Bali, it’s essential to respect and abide by the local customs and regulations, not only to enrich your own experience but also to help preserve the unique charm and harmony of our beloved island.

To make your Balinese adventure as smooth and delightful as possible, I’m here to guide you through the current rules rolled out by our Governor. Don’t worry; they’re not hard to follow and will ultimately enhance your time spent on our magical island.

So, let’s dive right in and get you fully prepared for your upcoming tropical escape!

6 Travel to Bali Advice to Make Your Trip a Memorable One

As you plan your visit to the beautiful island of Bali, keep in mind these six key pieces of travel to Bali advice. They’ll guide you on respecting sacred sites, blending in with local fashion, adventure responsibly, navigating the commercial landscape, traveling safely on the roads, and maintaining social decorum. 

Each travel to Bali advice tip is designed to make your trip enjoyable, respectful, and memorable, leaving you with a deep connection to the magical island of Bali. Stay tuned as we delve into these crucial tips in the following sections.

Respecting the Divine: Understanding Etiquette in Sacred Places

If there’s one piece of travel to Bali advice above all else, it’s the importance of respecting our sacred spaces. Our island has some of the most beautiful and spiritual places on earth. Our temples, or ‘Pura’, and holy structures known as ‘Pelinggih’, are not just architectural marvels but our sanctuaries of peace and spirituality.

Your travel to Bali advice is to remember that these sacred places are primarily for worship. As such, they have some unique customs that every visitor should observe. Entry to these spaces is limited unless you’re there to participate in prayers. But fear not; there are countless other sites and landmarks where you can soak up Bali’s rich cultural heritage!

Travel to Bali Advice - 6 Tips - YOEXPLORE -Sacred Place

If you’re lucky enough to be part of a prayer ceremony, then you’ll need to dress the part. Traditional Balinese attire is required for these special occasions. It’s not just about looking the part – wearing the traditional attire is a sign of respect and a way to immerse yourself in our spiritual practices.

Travel to Bali Advice - 6 Tips - YOEXPLORE - Balinese Outfit

Another important rule to keep in mind is not to climb or sit on sacred structures or trees within temple grounds. Yes, these might make an excellent backdrop for a photo, but they hold profound spiritual significance for us.

Inappropriate pictures, especially ones with scanty or no clothing, are a big no-no, too. It’s essential to remember that these are places of divine connection, not photoshoot venues.

Respecting these guidelines is crucial for preserving the sanctity of our temples and religious symbols. So, while you’re enjoying the tranquility and capturing those beautiful memories, let’s also strive to keep Bali beautiful and spiritual, just the way it has always been.

Dress Code Diary: How to Blend in Like a Balinese

Venturing a new place often means adopting local customs and traditions, including dressing appropriately. In Bali, we appreciate it when visitors respect our culture by dressing modestly, especially when visiting our sacred temples and lively public spaces.

Here are some tips to help you fit in while staying comfortable in Bali’s tropical climate. Opt for light, breathable fabrics like cotton and linen – they are your best friends in the predominantly warm weather we have here. Both men and women should consider wearing loose-fitting clothes that keep you cool during sunny days.

Ladies think modesty: avoid low-cut tops, opting for clothing that covers your shoulders and knees. Maxi skirts, long dresses, and loose pants are excellent choices. Also, consider carrying a shawl or sarong handy for quick cover-ups when visiting religious sites.

Travel to Bali Advice - 6 Tips - YOEXPLORE - Balinese Outfit

Gentlemen, it would help if you also aimed for knee-length or longer clothing. Avoid going shirtless unless you’re at the beach. T-shirts and casual button-down shirts will take you through most situations.

Swimwear is acceptable at the beach, private villas, and hotel pools. If you plan to roam the town or shop, throw on a wrap or sarong over your swimwear when leaving the beach. 

When visiting temples, men and women are expected to wear a sarong with a sash around the waist. Don’t worry if you don’t have one! Most temples offer them for rent at a very nominal fee.

For footwear, comfortable walking shoes or sandals are perfect for exploring uneven terrain at some tourist spots. You’ll often need to remove your shoes at religious sites, so easy slip-on shoes are convenient.

Here comes the crucial part of my travel to Bali advice. Dressing appropriately is about more than just respecting our local customs. It ensures you’re welcomed everywhere, leading to a more enriching travel experience. Dressing appropriately opens doors and fosters mutual respect, leading to more profound cultural exchanges.

Your Guide to Adventuring Responsibly: Rules for Tourist Sites and Public Areas

As eager as you are to explore Bali’s rich culture and stunning landscapes, it’s essential to remember that responsible tourism helps preserve the beauty and sanctity of the places we visit. Whether you’re here for the bustling markets, serene temples, or gorgeous beaches, let’s ensure we leave only footprints behind!

In Bali, the authorities have set some ground rules for visitors. These rules aren’t to limit your fun but rather to ensure everyone can enjoy Bali’s beauty in harmony. Adhering to these guidelines will make your stay more pleasant and help preserve Bali’s unique charm for future generations. This travel to Bali advice may seem basic, but it’s crucial in making a positive impact during your visit.

One of the main guidelines is about your attire. As previously discussed, it’s essential to dress modestly, especially when visiting temples and public places. However, it’s also crucial to behave respectfully. Be mindful of local customs and traditions, especially during ceremonies or religious processions.

I recommend you be accompanied by a licensed tour and local guide when visiting tourist sites. These knowledgeable locals can help you understand the cultural significance of the places you visit and ensure you follow all necessary protocols. This travel to Bali advice will enhance your experience and deepen your understanding of our culture and traditions.

Regarding accommodation, ensure that you’re staying in a legally licensed place according to local regulations. This guarantees your safety and comfort and contributes to the local economy, promoting sustainable tourism.

Travel to Bali Advice - 6 Tips - YOEXPLORE

Moreover, littering is a strict no-no. Our public places, rivers, and oceans aren’t just beautiful sights but also vital ecosystems that we need to protect. Avoid using single-use plastics like straws and styrofoam, and dispose of your trash responsibly. This piece of travel to Bali advice will help us keep Bali clean and beautiful for everyone to enjoy.

Remember, every small act of responsibility adds up, and together, we can ensure that the beauty and spirit of Bali remain intact for generations to come. 

Making Your Business Breezy: Navigating the Commercial Landscape

Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of any travel adventure is engaging with the local business landscape – whether that means shopping at local markets, dining at traditional food stalls, or participating in workshops and tours led by local experts. But to truly ensure a breezy business experience while traveling to Bali, you should be aware of some important rules and regulations.

So, my next travel to Bali advice relates to any business activity or work. 

Travel to Bali Advice - 6 Tips - YOEXPLORE

As a foreigner visiting Bali or any other part of Indonesia, you must have the correct legal permissions to conduct business activities or work during your stay. These permissions generally come in the form of specific visas or permits. Without these permissions, any business activity or employment is considered illegal and can lead to penalties, including fines, deportation, and sometimes imprisonment. 

Remember that tourist visas generally do not permit business activity or employment – they are strictly for tourism purposes. If you’re visiting Bali as a tourist, you should refrain from engaging in any work or business activities unless you’ve secured the appropriate permissions.

The following travel to Bali advice is about monetary transactions.

Travel to Bali Advice - 6 Tips - YOEXPLORE

In Bali, transactions are expected to be made in the local currency, the Indonesian Rupiah. Therefore, you should exchange your foreign currency upon arrival. You can do this at an official Foreign Exchange Business Activity (KUPVA), a bank, or a non-bank entity marked with a permit number and a QR code from Bank Indonesia. Doing so will ensure your transactions are legal and secure.

Shopping responsibly is another critical point. While shopping can be a fun way to discover Bali’s arts and crafts scene, respecting local laws and customs is important. Avoid buying or trading flora, fauna, artifacts, cultural objects, or sacred items, as these activities can be illegal and harmful to our cultural heritage. In addition, please refrain from purchasing any unlawful substances. Bali has strict rules against this, and anyone found violating these rules can face severe penalties.

So, enjoy Bali’s vibrant business scene, but remember to do so responsibly and legally. The more you respect our local rules and customs, the more enjoyable and enriching your trip will be. After all, Bali isn’t just a place to visit but to experience and cherish.

Driving in Paradise: Traffic Rules for the Road-Tripping Tourist

When you travel to Bali, one of the best ways to explore the island’s stunning landscapes is by hitting the road. Driving in Bali offers the freedom to discover hidden beaches, picturesque rice terraces, and quaint villages at your own pace. But before you hop on a motorbike or get behind the wheel, here’s some travel to Bali advice you should take to heart.

First and foremost, remember that you need an international or valid national driver’s license to drive legally in Bali. Ensure you have this sorted before your trip, as not having a proper permit can lead to complications with local law enforcement and potentially hefty fines. Also, always remember to have your driver’s license when driving around. Many tourists tend to overlook it, only to regret it later.

When driving, it’s essential to respect the local traffic rules. Bali might seem laid-back, but its roads can get busy, and traffic rules are enforced for everyone’s safety. Don’t carry more passengers than the vehicle’s capacity, and indeed, do not drive under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances. Traffic violations are taken very seriously, and penalties can be stiff.

Travel to Bali Advice - 6 Tips - YOEXPLORE

Another piece of travel to Bali advice for road-tripping tourists is to ensure you’re equipped with proper gear when driving, especially if you’re riding a motorbike. You should always wear a helmet for your safety. Dress appropriately – long pants and closed shoes can offer some protection in the unfortunate event of an accident.

When renting vehicles, use reputable rental companies or services associated with professional transport associations. This way, you can ensure that the cars or motorbikes you rent are roadworthy and legal. Driving an ill-maintained or illegally rented vehicle can put you at risk and potentially lead to legal issues.

Lastly, if you’re not confident about navigating Bali’s roads on your own, consider hiring a driver or joining an organized tour. Bali has many professional drivers and tour operators who can show you around safely and conveniently. Contact us if you need a private tour that includes drivers, tour guides, and vehicles like this example of Itinerary Bali 7 Days we offer to you. 

Playing Nice in Paradise: A Quick Guide on Social Decorum

Bali is renowned for its friendly locals and vibrant social scene, making it a great place to connect with others and immerse yourself in a new culture. However, like any destination, Bali has its social norms and guidelines that visitors should adhere to ensure a respectful and harmonious experience.

My next travel to Bali advice in is all about communication. While in Bali, remember to communicate respectfully with everyone you encounter – from fellow travelers to local Balinese people and government officials. Refrain from using harsh or disrespectful language in person and online. Keep in mind that some topics or expressions may be considered taboo or impolite in Balinese culture. When in doubt, speaking with kindness and respect is always best.

The next piece of travel to Bali advice focuses on behavior. Avoid any disruptive or aggressive behavior that could disturb the peace and tranquility that Bali is known for. Remember, you are a guest here. Aggressive actions or words, not only towards locals but also towards fellow travelers, can lead to confrontations or legal consequences. Keeping your cool and behaving with respect goes a long way in ensuring your stay in Bali is peaceful and enjoyable.

Moreover, be mindful of your digital conduct. Spreading hate speech or false information, primarily through social media, is strictly forbidden in Bali. If you’re an avid social media user, my travel to Bali advice is to use these platforms responsibly. Share your experiences and the beauty of the island, but refrain from engaging in or promoting harmful narratives.

Finally, Bali is a community-oriented society that places high value on harmony and respect for others. If you adhere to these norms, you will find that the locals are warm and welcoming, making your trip even more enriching. From serene temples to bustling markets, there is much to see, do, and learn in Bali, and adhering to local social norms ensures you can fully enjoy all these beautiful island offers.

Remember, good travelers respect their surroundings and, in return, are respected by them. Enjoy your time in Bali!


Embarking on your journey to the enchanting island of Bali is an exciting adventure filled with unique experiences. My travel to Bali advice in this post is to help you fully immerse and respect the local customs and regulations, enhancing your trip’s value and positively impacting your trip. 

Remember, being mindful of sacred sites, dressing appropriately, responsibly exploring public areas, understanding commercial protocols, following traffic rules, and observing social etiquette are integral to a respectful and memorable visit. Let these guideposts light your path as you discover the magic and wonder Bali has to offer, creating a tapestry of memories you’ll cherish forever. Happy traveling!

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