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7 Things You Should Never Do If You Climbing A Mountain

Climbing A Mountain - A Travel Guide, YOEXPLORE
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A Travel Guide, YOEXPLORE – One of the popular activities to do when you explore Indonesia is climbing a mountain. This activity can give you the complete package of benefits. You can escape from your business for a while, get the fresh air, get a fit body, do your hobby, and many more. No wonder if mountain tourist attractions are always crowded. So, do you have the plan to go on climbing? Maybe you are. While climbing a mountain is surely worth to do if you are kind of adventurous travelers, unfortunately, not every traveler really care about what they need to know before climbing. They just make a plan without doing research on the do and don’ts required on climbing. Climbing is not a simple activity. There are things you should avoid if you want to go climbing a mount. Do you want to know? Let’s find out together!

1. Don’t Underestimate The Climbing Terrain

Climbing A Mountain - A Travel Guide, YOEXPLORE

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One of the big mistakes that you should avoid if you want to climb a mountain is not doing your part in preparing your physical health. If you have climbed many mountains, you may get tempted to underestimate the climbing terrain that you will face. But, no matter how easy the terrain, you should always prepare your physical condition. Either you are a beginner or frequent traveler, I strongly recommend you to always research about the terrain condition. You can get the information from the internet or ask a friend who has climbed the mountain you are going to explore.

2. Prepare Your Travel Gear If You Go Climbing A Mountain

Climbing A Mountain - A Travel Guide, YOEXPLORE

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Climbing gears are the important thing to support your survival on the mountain. Don’t ever rely on your friend for your own things because everybody brings their own things too. It is true if you go climbing a mountain with your friends, you will need to help each other. However, it doesn’t mean you just wait for the help from others. You have to bring your gears as complete as possible, especially for personal things such as sleeping bag, personal medicine, warm clothes, raincoats, foods, and many more. Make sure you prevent the worse condition by bringing the complete gears.

3. Do Not Litter!

Climbing A Mountain - A Travel Guide, YOEXPLORE

Image source: jabar.pojoksatu

The next thing you should avoid if you go climbing a mountain is littering! From now on, you should avoid this bad habit. Even if you don’t climb, you have to get used to throwing your litter in the trash can. Unfortunately, there are climbers who don’t want to be bothered by throwing their garbage. In fact, this litter can damage the view and pollute the environment surrounds the mountain. When you prepare your climbing gears, it is better if you bring some plastic bags. This plastic bag will be used as the trash can and make sure you bring your trash can if you left the mountain.

4. Don’t Do Vandalism

Climbing A Mountain - A Travel Guide, YOEXPLORE

Image source:indonesia-negriku 

According to Merriam-Webster, vandalism is willful or malicious destruction or defacement of public or private property. The easy example illustrating this destructive act is writing your name/group name on the rocks surrounding the mountain.  Usually, people write their name as a memorable proof if they have ever climbed this mountain. But, is this the right thing to do? Of course not! You shouldn’t do this if you go climbing a mountain. If you do it, your act will surely be imitated by other climbers. As the result, these writings will ruin the mountain scenery.

5. Don’t Take Anything From The Mountain Except Pictures

Climbing A Mountain - A Travel Guide, YOEXPLORE

Image source: wiranurmansyah 

You should remember that you shouldn’t take anything from the mountain to bring home. Usually, the climbers will pick Edelweiss or other endemic plants to take home. But, do you know if this action is illegal? The prohibition of revocation of edelweiss plants has been regulated in Law No. 41 of 1999 article 50 paragraph 3 letters (m). If you want to remember the beauty of Edelweiss continuously, you don’t have to bring this flower home. You can simply take your picture with this flower. You have to remember that these flowers are preserved to add the beauty surrounds the mountain and not to be picked and taken home.

6. Be Careful Of Your Actions And Words

Climbing A Mountain - A Travel Guide, YOEXPLORE

Image source: salamdakwah 

If you climbing a mount, you have to watch you be careful of your actions and words. Don’t do stupid things even if it is just for fun. Such as changing the hiking direction on purpose. This action can cause the wrong direction for other climber and can be fatal. Aside from being careful of your actions, you should also be careful of your words. Don’t say dirty words or screaming that will disturb the animals.

7. Don’t Ignore The Officers’ Instruction

Climbing A Mountain - A Travel Guide, YOEXPLORE

Image source: sewakeretasabah

Before you pass the climbing gate, you have to register yourself to the officer first. The purpose is to allow the officer to get your personal information and emergency contact in case unexpected situation happens to you.  Don’t try to be an illegal climber. There are mountains that can only be climbed up to a certain area and you shouldn’t climb to the top. If the officer gives instructions not to climb to the top, you should not ignore that warning.

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