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Family Trips for Cheap: 10 Fun Things at Bogor Botanical Garden

family trips for cheap
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Family Trips, YOEXPLORE –  Family trips for cheap is the dream of every family. However, planning a family vacation, especially a family with many members could make stress and headache. One of the reasons is related to the budget. There are moments when we have planned family vacation and save some budgets for it. Unfortunately, when the time is almost coming, we must cancel the trip due to an urgent need. So that we must allocate the vacation budget to the urgent need.

However, you still could go on vacation by choosing family trips for cheap, with affordable budget. One of them is visiting Bogor Botanical Garden and exploring interesting spots around the Garden. Spend your one day holiday to Bogor and enjoy the fun and family-friendly activities. So, let’s check 10 fun and educated activities for family that we could enjoy at Bogor Botanical Garden and the nearby areas.

1. Jogging and Cycling in the Fresh and Green Scenery

The best way to enjoy the Garden of 87 hectares with a variety of beautiful plants is by walking or cycling. All children love playing bicycle. You do not need to bring your own bicycle since you could rent it. And the most amazing thing is that you and your family could enjoy billions of fresh oxygen produced by the Garden. You will not feel too tired because of the air so fresh. However, if you are a person who does not like to walk/ cycle, you still could go around by joining the tourist cars. Just sit nicely on it and enjoy the green panorama trip. Family trips for cheap but with fun and quality activity, right?

2. Orchid Collection at Griya Anggrek

The second reason why you should visit the Bogor Botanical Garden for your family trips for cheap is its Orchid Collection. The garden itself, which has turned into 200 years old last May 2017, has many interesting spots. One of them is Griya Anggrek where you could see 518 unique and rare species of Orchid. Statistically, there are around 5,000 types of Natural Orchids that grow in Indonesia. As we know that Orchid has beautiful flowers and charming colors. So, taking a selfie with the family with such a beautiful background shall be fun.

3. Mexican Park: An Exotic Desert in the Middle of the Green Garden

Do you want to enjoy the desert with its natural habitat? Try to visit Mexican Park in the Bogor Botanical Garden. At least, no need to spend a lot of budget for Mexico for this family trips for cheap. Start by enjoying desert biodiversity in the Bogor Botanical Garden. The park is designed uniquely with white sand and small rocks as the base. However, you will not overheat because of the cool temperature inside the Garden. You shall amaze with the beauty of mini as well as the giant cactus, various agaves and yucca, and other desert plantations.

4. Kolam Gunting (Green Ponds), Reindwart Monument, and Raffles Monument

Another favorite spot inside the Bogor Botanical Garden to sit around and breathe cool air is the green pool area. It is quite and you could enjoy the beauty of the Presidential Palace from a distance. Sometimes, we could see some birds flying to catch fishes. Moreover, the giant lotus plants add the beauty of the ponds.

Not far from the ponds, we could see Reinwart Monument. It is to commemorate Reinwart’s services as the first director of the Bogor Botanical Garden. And the second monument is Raffles Monument. It was built to commemorate Sir Stamford Raffles’ wife Lady Olivia Mariamne who passed away because of malaria. She was very famous at her time in creating some social reforms.

Family Trips for Cheap

Reinwart Monument

5. Zoological Museum

The Bogor Botanical Garden does not only have flowers and trees but also fauna collections. There are birds, reptiles, fishes, snakes, and the most amazing is the skeleton of the Blue Whale. We could see all of them in the Zoological Museum. The Museum has been established since 1894 by J.C. Koningsberger from Germany. Enjoy the fun time with your beloved family to see the various preserved fauna. It feels a little spooking inside the museum but a lot of valuable knowledge we could obtain. However, the diorama is beautiful.

Family Trips for Cheap

Animal Collections at Zoological Museum

6. Family Trips for Cheap: Feeding Deer

Walking outside the gate of the Garden, we could see a group of spotted deer. We could feed them. Buy some vegetables from sellers on the side of the road. Children shall surely be happy when a group of deer approach and eat the vegetables. You could touch the deer as they are busy to chew the vegetables.

. Land Museum

Beside Zoological Museum, there are three other museums near to the Garden. Firstly, the Land Museum located near the main gate of the Bogor Botanical Garden. Just across the street and walk for five minutes and you have reached the Land Museum. The museum located on the first floor of the Land Research Center. Here, visitors could see a variety of soil samples and rocks from many regions in Indonesia. There are also maps, multimedia, equipment for surveys and laboratory.

Family Trips for Cheap

Land Museum at Bogor

8. Museum of Indonesia Natural History  (MUNASAIN)

Walking around 10 minutes to the west gate of the Bogor Botanical Garden, we could visit another museum called Indonesia Natural History Museum. The Government has just revitalized it to be more attractive, educative, and interactive. With its scientific concept, the Museum aims to educate and encourage visitors to care about sustainable living. There are many good things we could learn here. On the first floor called “the Introduction Room,” there is a big map of Indonesian Archipelago and information about natural resources in each region. Then, in the basement, we could learn about geology, geography, humans evolution and many others.

9. Culinary: Soto Bogor

The best to close our family trip for cheaps is the culinary tour. After doing so many physical activities, it is the right time to do the gastronomy trip. And Bogor is one of the paradises for delicious foods. Try Soto Bogor or  Indonesian Beef Curry. You will see many visitors queue just to taste Soto Bogor, especially during the weekend. Alternatively, you could try fried noodles. Or another authentic Bogor cuisine is Toge Goreng. Toge Goreng consists of fried tofu, egg noodles, oncom (fermented soybeans), with tauco (fermented soybean) sausage.

10. Culinary: Asinan Bogor (Pickles) & Beer Plethok

And, the visitor shall never miss tasting Asinan Bogor.  There are three kinds of Bogor pickles, namely fruit pickle, vegetable pickle, and mixed fruit and vegetable pickle. The taste is very fresh. Wondering about Bogor cuisine? So, bring family and enjoy family trips for cheap to Bogor. Contact YoExplore which shall assist you to create the best family vacation in Bogor.

Family Trips

Beer Plethok Bogor

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