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Jazz Music Festival in Indonesia

Jazz Music Indonesia -
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Spread the love – Are you a big fan of Jazz music? Or maybe you think that Jazz music is only for adult people because this genre music is kinda difficult. Actually, Jazz music is never categorized itself as difficult music and only for adult. If you look at your surroundings, there are a lot of Jazz Music Indonesia that is enjoyable and even be a popular song. For the example ‘Could It Be’ sang by Raisa. While you listening to this song, your body will sway because of the music and actually, you love the song.

There is good news for those of you who lived in Indonesia. You will not only enjoy Jazz Music Indonesia through YouTube or TV. Yeah, you have the chance to see it on live performance! How lucky you are! In this year, there are many Jazz Music Festival held to enjoy Jazz music together and also to expand this genre music throughout Indonesia. Furthermore, this Jazz Music Indonesia also used as the event to promote our tourism to the international travelers.

Jazz Music Festival At The Mount Bromo, Why Not?

Jazz Music Indonesia -

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Aside from the best place to experience climbing, Mount Bromo is also known from its Jazz Music Festival. The Jazz Music Festival is Jazz Gunung Bromo or often called as Jazz Gunung. This festival is one of the Jazz Festivals that became the pioneers of Jazz Performance in the open space. The first Jazz Gunung was held in 2009, so this year will be one decade of Jazz Gunung. Same like the previous year, this Jazz Gunung will be held at Open Stage, Jiwa Jawa Ijen, Licin, Banyuwangi, East Java on 27-29 July 2018. In this three days festival, there will be soloist performance from Jazz musicians and singers and also the collaboration performance.

Enjoying Jazz Music Indonesia With Different Experience At Jazz Atas Awan

Jazz Music Indonesia -

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The next festival where you can enjoy Jazz Music Indonesia is Jazz Atas Awan. Actually, this festival is the part event from Dieng Culture Festival or Festival Budaya Dieng. There will be fireworks, lampion party, and the tradition of cutting the children’s dreadlocks hair that will make this festival even more special. The organizer admits that they always keep the secret of the musicians and singer that will perform in this festival. The purpose is so the intention of the participant who comes is pure to enjoy the Jazz music at this festival. In this year, Jazz Atas Awan is held on 3-5 August 2018 in Dieng Plateau.

Spend Holiday At Ubud Village Jazz Festival

Jazz Music Indonesia -

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There are many ways to enjoy Bali, and one of them is definitely Jazz Music Festival. Ubud Village Jazz Festival or UVJF offers you the Jazz Music Festival with a unique view. You can listen to Jazz music while enjoying the calm Ubud Village atmosphere as one of the attractiveness of this tourist attraction. The idea of UVJF came from two local artists which are Yuri Mahatma and Anom Darsana in 2013. In this year, this festival will be held on 10-11 August 2018 in Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA), Ubud, Bali. Same as the other International Jazz Music Festival, this festival will amaze you with national and international Jazz performer.

Prambanan Jazz International Music Festival

Jazz Music Indonesia -

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The last but not the least is Prambanan Jazz International Music Festival. This festival is categorized as the youngest Jazz Festival in Indonesia. The first Prambanan Jazz International Music Festival was held in 2015. This festival always succeeds to bring the classy musicians, so it makes this festival known to the world.  In this year, this festival will be held on 17-19 August. What else can you ask? Enjoying the musical performance with the collaboration of ideas to unify music, unique experiences, and the cultural grandeur of Prambanan Temple are definitely an amazing experience.

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