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Nha Trang, the best honeymoon destination in Vietnam

the best honeymoon destination in Vietnam
Romantic dinner at rooftop restaurant

I never believe this journey will be the best honeymoon destination in Vietnam.  That’s why I slept on the flight. Until then, I woke up from my sleep when the friendly voice of the pilot informing me the plane would reach Nha Trang.  I immediately straightened my seat and took a glance at the window. My eyes widened, and I then smile.

The scenery below was truly stunning! It was like a photo in a travel magazine! The green landscape of the long coastline looked so beautiful that it spoiled my eyes. White beach collides with soothing blue water. This touristic destination obviously will be the best honeymoon destination in Vietnam. Nha Trang is famous as one of the most beautiful bays in the world!


long coastal line in Nha Trang


Nha Trang, The Best Resort City in Southern Vietnam 

Nha Trang is a beach resort city in southern Vietnam famous for its beaches, diving sites, and offshore islands. The main beach is a long and curved stretch along Tran Phu Street, which is supported by pedestrian areas, hotels, and seafood restaurants. The trip from the airport was not a dreary thirty minutes trip, for I enjoyed the beautiful hills and the long coastal line along the way from the airport to my hotel. I Reminded myself by saying: “This is only my first day, but I’m sure this place will become my recommendation for the best honeymoon destination in Vietnam.”


Welcome to Nha Trang


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Nha Trang, The Best Honeymoon Destination in Vietnam

Is it true Nha Trang is the best honeymoon destination in Vietnam? Of course, you who can judge that! But when I read some reviews on online travel magazines, clearly, this city is very famous for tourists or travelers from China, Russia, and South Korea. That’s why many restaurants and shops have written information in Vietnamese, Chinese, and Russian. While most of them came with family, some others came here for a honeymoon, or tour either in a large group or a small group of travelers. Due to its beauty, this beach resort also got acknowledgment from the 2008 Miss Universe and 2010 Miss Earth.

Beautiful panorama of Tran Phu Street from Skylight


What things to do in this most beautiful bay in this world?

My First Day in Nha Trang, The Best Honeymoon Destination in Vietnam

Since I arrived at lunchtime, and I ate nothing on my flight, I began my trip by trying fresh seafood at a local restaurant. Nha Trang is also famous for its fisheries and farming. I choose grilled eggplant, shrimp, and spinach. Nha Trang Seafood further convinces me that this beach resort is the best honeymoon destination in Vietnam. They never fail to indulge in your tummy.

Sea Food Restaurant

Enjoying lunch


After check-in at Premier Havana Hotel, in the afternoon, I enjoyed the beach along Tran Phu Street. This long white sandy beach is the famous icon of Nha Trang. The contrasting scenery of skyscraper hotel buildings nearby beach, the white sands accompanied by the sound of waves and strong winds, make this street famous for tourists. Vietnamese and its government keep the road clean makes this street very cozy for pedestrians, which definitely make Nha Trang as the best honeymoon destination in Vietnam.


Before sunset

For your information, in the summer, the highest temperature in Nha Trang is around 27 degrees Celsius. In the afternoon the weather is colder and windy. I suggest bringing a spring jacket.

Restaurants in Nha Trang. 

There are many famous and five stars hotels along the coast. Not far from the beach, many Seafood restaurants serve dishes from fresh fishes on display in an aquarium or bucket. You can also find restaurants that serve local Vietnamese menus, souvenir shops, bakery and coffee shops, and reflexology outlets. I did not try reflexology, because our tour guide informed me Nha Trang was famous for its mudbath spa. She guaranteed I would enjoy the spa in the place I would visit on the third day.


One of the iconic buildings in this famous street

Fresh Fishes

Tonight for dinner, I indulge myself in traditional Vietnamese cuisine at Galangal Restaurant. If you visit this restaurant near the Citadine Hotel at 7:00 p.m., you may need to wait patiently for the queue. At the front of the restaurant, there is a kitchen with glass walls that deliberately shows how to traditional Vietnamese menus. From the book menu, visitors can also know what spices are usually used by Vietnamese people to cook their delicious dishes.

Pho Beef and Vietnamese Specialities

For dinner, I tried Pho Beef and Vietnamese specialties made from rice flour and shrimp and Ginger tea as my drinks. What is the unique of this ginger tea? They serve tea and preserved ginger. You do not put the ginger inside the tea, but chewing it while you are sipping your drink.

Starter, Pho chicken

Baked eggplant with nuts

Traditional Vietnamese Cakes

Traditional Vietnamese cake from rice flour

Vietnamese Ginger tea

After enjoying my dinner, while trying to make my full stomach flat again, I took a leisurely walking at the pedestrian lane along the beach.

Clean pedestrian lane

My Second Day in Nha Trang, The Best Honeymoon Destination in Vietnam

The hotel where I stayed, Premier Havana Hotel, has a tunnel which directly connecting to the beach. It is to help visitors to enjoy the beach early in the morning. I wake up before  6 am, and I rushed to the beach to see the sunrise. After a 5 minute walk, I reached the beach and immediately took a lounge chair provided by the hotel waiting for the sun to show up. It was not a perfect sunrise moment, as in Bali. I could not see the sun’s silhouette. It is because here in Nha Trang, sunrises from the hills or islands across the beach. In spite of imperfect dawn, I could still enjoy a beautiful tranquil morning,  only feel the cool breeze, the waves, and the laughter of children playing dunes.

Connecting tunnel to the beach from the hotel

waiting for sunrise

tranquil morning at Nha Trang

Relacing my self with the wave sounds

Is this near to your expectations of the best honeymoon destination in Vietnam? On this second day, my Tour Guide advised me to visit several city icons that are part of this city’s history.

Long Son Pagoda

First, I visited the Long Son Pagoda. The pagoda was built in 1886 and is at the foothills. This Pagoda and Buddhist monk school buildings were damaged during the Vietnam War and was restored in 1971. On the top of the hill, you will find a reclining Buddha Statue and a giant white Buddha statue. In this area, you can see Nha Trang panorama from a height. This building is still used by monks and Buddhists to worship.

Gate to the Pagoda

a monk in Pagoda

wonderful architecture

in front of the pagoda

The statue on the top of the hill

Buddha Statue

The scenery from the mountain

Monk School

Po Nagar Tower

After visiting the Long Son Pagoda, our tour guide brings us to Po Nagar Tower. Before reaching this temple, we passed a bridge over Cai river with a view of small boats painted blue and given eyes. My tour guide explained that it was the trust of the local people so that their ship was safe.

Po Nagar is a place of worship of Champa people who are Hindus. This worship complex was built earlier than the Long Son Pagoda, which was in 781. Po Nagar means the motherland. To enter the temples, visitors must dress modestly. No need to worried, though, if you wear shorts or a skirt above the knees. They will lend unique clothes for free (including in the ticket prices). We are entertained by traditional Champa dances, which in my opinion, are somewhat similar to traditional dances from a region in my country, Indonesia. From the top of Po Nagar, I could see the Cai river while I am sipping small fresh coconut directly from its shell.

in front of the temple

Many tourists from china pose for their social media

Champa Temple

View from the second level

Traditional dance

Champa King’s dress

Champa Traditional garment

Dam Market

After visiting Po Nagar, our tour guide let us visiting the local market, Dam Market. The market is not far from the river. In this market, we can buy various sweets (including the ginger I ate last night), Lotus flower seeds, cashews, fish and seafood dried with spicy chili spices, bags from Campa tribal woven fabrics, and others.

sweet / candy from fruits

candied ginger for tea time

Mama Moo Restaurant

After buying some souvenirs from Dam Market, my stomach sends an alarm. Our tour guide then took to Mama Moo Restaurant. This restaurant is indeed famous for steak and lumpia (traditional Vietnamese cuisine), so I order it. This restaurant offers a fusion menu, western and Vietnamese.

By the way, for your consideration before ordering the food at restaurants in Nha Trang, the portion of the food is usually huge. I think it is because there are many Russian tourists, or perhaps Vietnamese people eat a lot.

 This afternoon I tried Pho beef, shrimp spring rolls, and grilled squid. Yummy! Although it took some time to finish my lunch, I was satisfied! Oh yeah, don’t forget to order a mango juice. Nha Trang is not only famous for its fisheries but also renowned for its fresh fruit.

Beef pho (soup)

Shrimp Lumpia

Grilled Squid

my favorite mango juice

Skylight Havana

Have you ever enjoying a romantic dinner at rooftop restaurants in your city? Nha Trang has a well-known rooftop restaurant and bar, namely Skylight Havana. You can visit at the 45th floor of the Premier Havana Hotel. To go to the Rooftop Bar, you must buy a ticket. A ticket price includes a free drink.

Up to the top, I could only catch my breath. It was a fabulous view of Nha Trang city, especially Tran Phu street scenery from the height of the 45th level! The flickering lights of motorcycles and cars, sunsets, foam waves at the beach, and skyscrapers were like beautiful photos on postcards. I think it was one of the best ways to enjoy time without doing anything.

If you just married or had a wedding anniversary, enjoying a romantic dinner at Skylight can be one of your memorable experience. No wonder if Nha Trang is the best honeymoon destination in Vietnam!

romantic evening at Skylight

best spot

Tran Phu Street

After enjoying the evening at the Skylight Havana Restaurant, I decided to explore the night market on Tran Phu Street. Lanterns glitter welcoming Chinese New Year along the road, making the atmosphere here resemble the Jonker Walk in Melaka.

My Third Day in Nha Trang, The Best Honeymoon Destination in Vietnam

As our Tour Guide said to me on the first day, today, we are going to go for relaxation at a very famous spa in Nha Trang. Have you ever had experience soaking your body in warm mud water? If not, you may try mudbath, and I bet you will memorize Nha Trang as the best honeymoon destination in Vietnam! There are several mud bath resorts, but our tour guide recommended Mudbath I resort.


The best part of your honeymoon

in front of the gate

This resort is in a hill area, not far from Premier Havana Hotel. It is only 20 minutes by car/ bus from the beach. Soaking your body in warm mineral mud is good for health. Because it is a natural mud formed from geological changes. Mineral mud comes from plants such as trees, flowers, grass buried or from the ground, and includes organic, inorganic, carbon-containing substances that quickly absorbs water.

At this resort, there is a public spa and a closed VIP spa. For your honeymoon, I suggest take the VIP package so you can enjoy it with your lovely spouse with more privacy.

This mineral mud will make your skin smooth

clean up the dirt before swimming in the whirlpool

Warm whirlpool

soaking in herbs warm mineral water


Spa Treatment at Mudbath I Resort

The series of spa treatments at Mudbath I resort is starting from soaking your body in warm muddy water. Of course, you should clean it at the shower, then swimming in a Jacuzzi of warm geothermal water with a whirl, pampering your body in warm mineral water and herbs consisting of ginger, turmeric, and lemongrass, body massage for 45 minutes and enjoy your lunch. After finishing the spa treatments, you will be amazed when you touch your smooth skin.

Fruits before massage

massage time

What are the benefits of a Spa with warm mineral mud water?

  1. It relieves aches and pains of muscles and joints. Inner heat from mud and geothermal water has excellent anti-inflammatory properties.
  1. Perfect relaxation, because the mixture of mud and geothermal water removes stress from the body.
  1. Detoxification of the body. Geothermal water, a mixture of mineral sludge and spices, removes toxins and impurities from the body.
  1. It softens the skin. Volcanic ash exfoliates dead skin.
  1. The heat from geothermal water and Jacuzzi jets strengthen your circulation.
  1. I am balancing the body’s pH level. Complex minerals from Calistoga geothermal water are incorporated into the body of Sahabat Explorer, helping to balance the body’s natural pH.
  1. Massage will be more productive because mud and mineral baths will prepare the muscles

Relax, but hungry? Enjoy the tempted lunch!


The Cruise Trip Experience in Nha Trang, The Best Honeymoon Destination in Vietnam

After the skin becomes smoother and the muscles are more relaxed, at night, I join a group to enjoy a cruise trip named “Emperor Cruises.” At 5 pm, we were picked up at the hotel, and the driver drove us to the port.

The cruise sailed to several small islands in Nha Trang Bay. According to the schedule, we should enjoy a European-style dinner at Vinpearl Island. VinPearl is an amusement park such as Disneyland. Unfortunately, due to the strong waves and wind, we only had dinner on the cruise.

A day before joining this tour, the manager of Emperor Cruises had informed the menu of snacks and dinner and asked what our preferences were. For Muslim or vegetarian friends, you are welcome to tell them your preferred list before the trip.

pick up at 5 pm

Welcome snack

snack and beverage

The best sunset

Vinpearl Island

Pumpkin soup as the starter

Fried milkfish with mango sauce

oysters baked with cheese

Baked lobster with spaghetti


That’s the story of my trip when I visited Nha Trang, the best honeymoon destination in Vietnam. Why do I call it the best? In my opinion, this is the right package. You can play on white-sand beaches and enjoy the best traditional Vietnamese cuisine and seafood. Besides, you may also take a cruise tour, and get relaxed at the Spa Resort to bathe in the mud with geothermal water. This trip is suitable not only for newlywed but also to you who wants to celebrate your Wedding Anniversary holiday with your beloved one.


Traditional Vietnamese Coffee

For other honeymoon destinations, you can try the Bali Honeymoon package if you have your holiday in Indonesia. Before you leave Vietnam, do not forget to try Vietnamese coffee while in Nha Trang!

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