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My Review on Onje Villa Ubud Bali

Onje VIlla Ubud
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YOEXPLORE, Onje Villa Ubud Bali – Living in a frenzied city in Jakarta has sometimes made me feel so stress that I want to get away from it. While Bandung may have become my favorite city to explore for my weekend getaway, I would prefer to explore Bali if I have more days to spend.

Apart from meeting with my family and relatives, exploring unique experiences in Bali are the things that I have always been waiting every time my husband submit a leave request to his office.

While my husband and I would usually stay at our house in Bali during the vacation, we might sometimes spend one or two nights at a hotel or villa to enjoy the hospitality services provided by hotels, resorts, or villas in Bali.

So, this time, I would like to share with you my review when staying one night at Onje Villa Ubud Bali in January 2019.

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Why Ubud, Bali?

To enjoy fresher air in a more secluded place is the reason for my husband and I when looking for a hotel or villa on the higher ground. While searching, we were coming up with some ideas about the area where we would book the hotel. Bedugul, Munduk, and Tabanan were the first to come up since we have never tried any hotel in these areas.

However, after searching and reading a lot of reviews and checking out our budget and time, we finally decided to stay (again) in the Ubud area ☺. Ubud, you had always become the source of distraction for us each time we wanted to explore hotels in other secluded areas in Bali ☺.

Why Onje Villa Ubud Bali?

After searching and reading various reviews about some resorts in Ubud that meet our budget, my husband and I finally decided to book Onje Villa Ubud Bali.  Thanks to my membership at QLOTI mobile application, I was pleased with the deal given by this application.

So, here are at least 5 (five) reasons why I recommend this resort:

#1: The Secluded Resort with Best Surroundings

If your purpose is to get away from the hustle and bustle of the Kuta city or even Ubud city, The Onje Villa Resort might meet your expectations.

I turned off the air conditioning and lowered the car window to enjoy the fresh air and the green scenery along the way. Thanks to Google Map that led us to reach the resort without the need to passing by the crowded Ubud town – we were entering the resort through the Tampak Siring route.



Rice Field - Onje Villa Ubud

My first impression when we arrived at the resort was a breathtaking view. Surrounded by the beautiful rice field, this resort was tranquil, which, of course, is very good for those who want to have a bit more privacy.

Enjoy the city life of Ubud while staying at the secluded resort


Despite the secluded location of the resort, the resort is only a few kilometers away from the main town of Ubud. The good thing is the resort provides a free shuttle bus that will transport the guests to Ubud town and pick them up at certain times. We did not try it, though, for we drove our car to reach Ubud city for a fantastic dinner at an Indian restaurant. It was not that far to go to Ubud town from the resort, which was only 20 minutes drive.

The most challenging part was looking for the parking area to park our car. After going around for a couple of minutes and getting a bit stress of finding the parking area, I typed “Ubud Parking Area” on my Google Map. Hmmm, I should have done it earlier!

The Ubud Central Park saved our day at that time. The location of the parking area is a bit far from the place of most restaurants. However, I didn’t mind walking for 15-20 minutes from the parking area to reach the restaurant. That’s better than parking the car on the side of the road! Besides that, walking before and after eating is good for our health, right?


Dinner at Indian Restaurant when staying at Onje Villa Ubud

Photo: Personal documentation – dinner at Indian Restaurant when staying at Onje Villa Ubud – I forgot the name of the menu 🙂

By the way, my 15 minutes of walking was worth my time when I could enjoy the tasty Indian food at an affordable price – it usually costs me a fortune to eat Indian food in Bali☺.

#2: Comfortable Rooms

My husband and I stayed in a one-bedroom villa with a private pool. The room was spacious and clean; the garden and private pool were in very well maintained. The elegant bathtub in the bathroom with a half-open roof style was terrific. Complete facilities, some of which are satellite LCD TV channels, coffee and tea makers, hairdryers, slippers, safes, minibars, and of course, full bathroom facilities. The welcome package is also fantastic, a welcome drink in the lobby, and a bowl of fruit in the room. Another thing that kept sticking in my mind was the beautiful rice fields scattered just a few steps from the front of the villa room.

One-Bedroom Villa at Onje Villa Ubud

Photo: Personal Documentation: One-Bedroom Villa at Onje Villa Ubud

The room also has a kitchen with a wooden dining table. A bit disappointing experience at that time was the unavailability of any kitchen utensils. Neither plates nor spoon was available in the kitchen. Fortunately, the resort staff was accommodating. They brought us the kitchen utensils when I made a call to the receptionist to make the request.

#3: Enjoyable Swimming Pool

The private pool in my villa area was enjoyable. I spent several hours swimming in this pool. The gazebo was also perfect for enjoying snacks while drinking hot tea after swimming.

Private Pool at Onje Villa Ubud

Photo: Personal Documentation – Private Pool at Onje Villa Ubud

I also spent a few minutes to enjoy the outdoor swimming pool in the common area of the resort. The pool is large enough to cater to my hobby of swimming.

#4: Memorable Breakfast

For me, having quality and tasty breakfast is one of the indicators to give an excellent review of the hotel service. The breakfast was fantastic even though it was in an ala carte menu instead of a buffet.

Fruits - Appetizer - Onje Villa Ubud

Photo: Personal Documentation: Fruits – Appetizer – Onje Villa Ubud

I had a plate of fruits for my appetizer. It consists of slices of papaya, watermelon, melon, and pineapple. There’s an additional small green lemon to be squished over the fruits. It was opening my day with a warm spirit!

fried rice - onje villa ubud

Photo: Personal Documentation: Fried Rice – Onje Villa Ubud

I chose fried rice for the main course, which is served beautifully with slices of omelet, crackers, tomato, and cucumber.

Pisang Rai - Onje Villa Ubud

Photo: Personal Documentation: Pisang Rai – Onje Villa Ubud

My dessert was called Pisang Rai. It is a steam banana with shredded coconut and liquid palm sugar. It created a perfect breakfast to remember. ☺

#5: Free Bicycle for Sightseeing

Free bicycle to use for sightseeing was also making my holiday at Onje Villa Ubud memorable. My husband and I borrowed two bikes in the morning to cycling and exploring the surroundings. I did enjoy cycling moments. I could see fantastic rice fields and the traditional houses of the villagers. Besides, I also enjoyed seeing some local people who were busy with their farming activity.

Is Onje Villa Ubud for everyone?

I would say, depending on the purpose of your staying at a hotel. If you want to enjoy the city life of Ubud, you might find a transportation challenge if you’re going to stay at this resort. Yes, the resort provides the shuttle bus. However, the time constraints between the drop-off and pick-up time could be a challenge. Besides, you need to be aware that the online taxi service is not allowed in Ubud. So, be prepared to spend more money on transportation if you miss the shuttle bus. Other than this challenge, I could not find any reason that will preclude you from staying at this resort.


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