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YOEXPLORE, Family Trips – Explorer, choosing to work as a Blogger, must indeed be consistent in the process. You have to upload an article everyday, so you can keep the readers to stay loyal on your Blog. With consistency and uniqueness in every article, it is not impossible that you will get a lot of money and followers. The amount of money generated is also high, for an example, there is a Blogger from Indonesia, who earns around 2000 dollars a month. You can imagine how much income you can get if you give all of your hard work here. In addition to diligently writing on your own blog, you also have to be diligent in writing ‘Guest Post’. Send your posts on blogs or websites that do provide these features.

Send Your Posts to YOEXPLORE

What is a Guest Post? Guest Post is a concept of blog writing, but the post is posted on other people’s blogs. For an example, if you open one of the travel, news, or fashion portal websites, usually the website has a Guest Post page. Well, the benefit is, that you can popularize your brand or your personal blog on they Guest Post pages. Of course, the Guest Post must have high ‘traffic’, so it can help to increase the popularity of your Blog or your brand. Actually, send your posts on other people’s blogs is indeed not ‘a must’ thing to do for every Blogger, but if you want to be quick to increase your popularity, then this is one of a method that you looking for.

After that, don’t forget to share the link to your social media from the Blog or Guest Post that you have been written before. The goal is to give readers a ‘signals’ so that your blog can gain more popularity. So, for those of you who don’t know about this information, I hope this article giving you a something new.

About YoExplore

YoExplore, which is a traveling and Lifestyle Marketplace, has an E-Magazine portal, which contains about the world of traveling. In this magazine, we are pleased to announce, that the Guest Post feature can be implemented from now on. Since this article was released, you can read the terms and conditions for sending Guest Post on this page.

Send your posts to the YoExplore Guest Post, and with this, hopefully it can benefit both parties. Owh, we also offering you a very attractive prizes, so immediately open the Guest Post page, and read the Terms and Conditions. Hopefully this article is useful, happy writing and have a good day, explorer!

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Romzi Shamlan

Romzi Shamlan

I am a contributor to YOEXPLORE Magazine with intensive experiences in YouTube content, blogging, and radio content.

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