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Want to have family trip to Bali? Take this Traditional Bali dance Course

One of Bali Traditional Dance, Legong
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What to do when you have your family trip to Bali ?

Bali is famous for holiday destination in Indonesia especially activities in beach or seas. There are many things to do in Bali that you can inspire you as ideas for your family trip to Bali. You can combine your holiday by beaching, snorkeling with some cultural activities while you are in Bali.

There are many things about Bali can be explored on the island which is also called the Island of the Gods. The natural scenery is very enchanting, from beaches, waterfalls, lakes, terraced rice fields to mountains. But Bali is also famous for its  culture.


One of Bali Traditional Dance, Legong

Do you know Balinese dances  ?

Bali is indeed an area in Indonesia which still adheres to its culture, including its traditional dance. The Balinese dance is attractive and expressive, make audience want to dance too. But in addition to the movements that are complex, there are also stories and philosophies behind the dances. Bali has a variety of cultural attractions that are no less interesting. Various traditional dances can still be easily found. Five of the dances that must be watched while you have plan to do family trip to Bali are “Baris Upacara” dance, Kecak dance, Sidakarya Mask dance, Barong dance and Pendet dance. If you want to take a vacation with your family in Bali, you can watch one of the above mentioned dances.

Before you do your family trip to Bali, it’s good to know the background of those traditional dances :

  1. Baris Upacara’ Dance is a dance of ceremonial that also symbolizes heroic value. This can be seen from the movement and the different formations
  2. Kecak dance. This dance is the most famous dance among tourists. Initially, the Kecak Dance was part of the Sanghyang Dance. However, around 1930, this dance was made as a show itself with the Ramayana as the main role. The number of dancers and the sounds produced in this dance are indeed not easy to forget. Imagine, as many as 50 to 60 men move their hands up while making a “cak, cak, cak …” sound simultaneously and continuously.
  3. Sidakarya Mask Dance: The Sidakarya mask is a perfect dance for religious rituals. This dance signifies the completion of a religious ceremony. Although being part of a sacred ritual, this dance is able to attract the attention of everyone who sees.
  4. Barong Dance: In a performance, this dance is packed into a traditional drama or story that tells the eternal battle between good and evil. Although it seemed spooky, in its performance, Barong dance was often embedded with elements of humor.
  5. Pendet dance is a welcoming dance or welcome dance performed in groups or individuals.

‘Baris Dance’ source : bali media info

If you are interested in learning Balinese dance or art while you have your family trip to Bali, there is an art studio that offers dance courses. Learning Balinese art while have holiday in Bali, that’s a good idea right ? This is the right time to teach your children to learn another culture while traveling. Not many dance studios offer short courses to take part in dance and gamelan (Balinese traditional music)  classes. Please visit Tri Pusaka Sakti Art Foundation which was founded by a famous mask dancer, I Made Djimat. All teachers in this class are natural artists who have studied art since they were very young. Even they have traveled the world to dance and introduce the beauty of Balinese culture.

family trip to Bali

Take Bali traditional dance course

In this place you have knowledge about Balinese art by learning gamelan or learning the basic movements of Balinese dance. Supported by the atmosphere of the beauty of rice fields and Balinese village ambiance, you can feel a truly Balinese feel. Here also we can see a collection of masks, dance clothes, and Balinese gamelan. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about Balinese dance and culture to the host. After learning the dance, you will be presented with a Balinese style dinner, namely “Megibung”. Megibung is eating together from one tray with some menus of Balinese culinary. You will love this meals. It is rich of  seasoning and very delicious.

family trip to Bali

Megibung, enjoy bali meals after dancing

If you need to relax and refresh your body after learning Dances, bathing in the warm water at Lake Batur could be a great idea while you have family trip to Bali . There are several mountains in Bali, but I recommend Mount Batur. There are several hot springs around the lake that present the natural scenic of Lake Batur. Hot springs around the lake have facilities that are quite complete to ensure comfort during your visit. One of the famous hot springs is Toya Devasya. Unlike other hot springs, the water here does not smell of sulfur as hard as other hot springs.

family trip to Bali

Relax your body and soul at Toya Devasya Hot Springs

Interested in trying a family vacation to Bali like the one above? let’s pack and go !

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