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Visiting Borobudur Temple with Kids: Explore Java Island, Indonesia

visiting borobudur temple with kids
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Yogyakarta, YOEXPLORE – Sometimes we might feel like a nightmare when traveling abroad or outside cities with kids. There could be many things to make us feel worried. Those may include the feel when we take our kids to meet with local people from different habits and culture. We might also be worried about finding foods, finding the right accommodations, and many others. Moreover, we also consider the difficulties to handle items of baggage, bedtimes, kids who get bored and fussy, and many other perceptions that make us suddenly cancel the planning.

Create an Unforgettable Adventure with Kids

However, before canceling your plan, consider about the advantages that your family could get from traveling together. It is really affordable to spend quality time with our beloved kids. There are many advantages from having a family trip with kids. Create an unforgettable adventure together and let them learn beyond what they could gain from a classroom. Make friendship with local people, taste local foods, learn a different culture, and so on. So, just imagine how much fun and joyful that you could have from it and get excited for the next holiday.

In addition, you may also find useful information that is currently available on the internet. So, you may learn from couples who have experienced traveling with kids, collect information about the location that you should visit, or ease your vacation plan by contact a trusted marketplace which could connect you to best local guides.

Exploring Indonesia with Kids

So, if you are planning to spend holidays with family, you should put Indonesia into your list since Indonesia is definitely one of the best tourist destinations in the world. As one of the top destinations in Asia, the growth of tourism in Indonesia is very significant lately. It is a vast country which has more than 17,000 islands and thousands of ethnics and cultures. So, Indonesia represents unity in diversity where different religions, races, and cultures could live together as a nation.

If you are looking for adventure with beautiful tropical beaches, water adventures, and luxurious vacations up to budget accommodations you could visit Bali Island. It is the most popular island in Indonesia. On the other side, if you and your kids want something more adventurous like jungle trekking and observing wildlife, you could choose Sumatra Island, Kalimantan Island or the Komodo Islands. You could observe Orangutan in North Sumatra or Tanjung Puting National Park. Moreover, in the Komodo Islands, you may visit the one and only habitat in the world that living in Indonesia, Komodo Dragon.

Moreover, if you are interested in learning about the culture and ancient history of Indonesia, Java Island could be your option for the best destination. One of our recommendations is visiting Borobudur Temple with kids.

Visiting Borobudur Temple with Kids

The Magnificent of Borobudur Temple

Visiting Borobudur Temple with Kids

Borobudur Temple is an icon of the Indonesian Archipelago. It is the biggest Buddha Temple in the world. So, visiting Borobudur Temple with kids could give knowledge about the greatness of Ancient People of Indonesia. We could see how great they are in building such giant temples with very primitive tools. In addition, you should soon witness the beauty of the stone crafts that told a beautiful legend story. Therefore, we create a family trip where you could visit Borobudur Temple and some other beautiful spots near the temple. Check the further quotation here.

Alternatively, besides learning history and culture, you could also enjoy various challenging adventure experiences. Among others are river tubing, Merapi jeep tour, and sandboarding. Check more about the adventures in Yogyakarta in our article here.

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