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Enjoy Your Trip with These 4 Things To Do in Bandung

Things To Do In Bandung - A Travel Guide, YOEXPLORE
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A Travel Guide, YOEXPLORE – Have you ever been to Bandung? Do you have any idea about what kind of things to do in Bandung? Most travelers who have visited Bandung mentioned this city as a city to pursue a happiness when traveling. It may be caused by the fact that Bandung offers various unique experiences worth to explore.

Some travelers may visit Bandung to enjoy its enchanting nature, some others may enjoy the richness of its local cuisines, and the others may enjoy its shopping centers. Moreover, this city is also well-known as the place for halal trips. No wonder if there are many Moslem tourists enjoy the Moslem Tour Bandung to explore Bandung.

How about you? Have you visited Bandung? I would be happy to know your thought about Bandung if you have visited this “Paris Van Java” city.  Please leave your comments below! If you have not visited Bandung yet and are planning to do so, please keep on reading this article as I would like to share the 4 things to do in Bandung.  Let’s begin your vacation!

1. Family Time in Lembang

Things To Do In Bandung - A Travel Guide, YOEXPLORE

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My first recommendation for the 4 things to do in Bandung is to explore Lembang. There are many unique tourist attractions here you shouldn’t miss. While it is known as a place to catch up with the fresher air, it is also a good choice if you travel with your family due to various family-friendly attractions available in this city. One of them is the Floating Market. Here, you may enjoy various local cuisines offered by local sellers who sell their products through their floating boats. Moreover, your children may enjoy trying various games available at this market.

After enjoying the floating market attraction, you may continue your visit to explore the Farm House nearby this market. The Farm House is well-known as a tourist destination with European nuances. Enjoy your time to take pictures at many Instragrammable spots available in this area.

Moreover, if you are a kind of adventurous traveler, you may consider traveling to Cikahuripan. It is one of the most recommended destinations for intermediate – advance trekking experience.

2. Amazing Landscape of Ciwidey

Things To Do In Bandung - A Travel Guide, YOEXPLORE

Image source: TeddyHendraZ

Not only does Bandung become popular through various attractions in Lembang, but also through the amazing landscape in Ciwidey area. That is why; Ciwidey is my next recommendation for the 4 things to do in Bandung.

One of the destinations worth to explore in Ciwidey is Kawah Putih. It is a lake made from the eruption of Patuha Mountain. This second things to do in Bandung is all about the beauty of nature. The uniqueness of this crater is the color of the water, which always change to adjust the sulfur content in the lake water. You will definitely be amazed by the natural green landscape surrounds this crater. Moreover, Kawah Putih is also one of the recommended places for anyone who wants to take a pre-wedding photo.

From KawahPutih, you can continue your trip to explore Situ Patenggang. Here, you may explore the tea plantation, go fishing, or spend your time in the hot water pool at Cimanggu and Ciwalini.

3. Shopping, Shopping, And Shopping!

Things To Do In Bandung - A Travel Guide, YOEXPLORE

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The third things to do in Bandung is shopping! It is not a secret anymore if people in Bandung have a good fashion taste. Bandung is even known as the youth fashion center. This characteristic is the same as that of Paris that is also known as the center of fashion development in the world. Due to this iconic fashion attraction, Bandung is known as Paris Van Java. So, yeah you’re right, my third recommendation of the 4 things to do in Bandung is to go shopping in this metropolitan city.

The best places to shop for the quality stuff are at the factory outlets in Cihampelas and Cibaduyut. You may even enjoy the cheaper price compared to other factory outlets in other cities especially if you if you want to buy jeans. Cihampelas is the place where you can find quality jeans at affordable prices. No wonder if this area is also known as “Central of Jeans”. But, if you want to buy shoes and bags, you can come to Cibaduyut. In Cibaduyut the price of shoes will be cheaper because this place is known as the shoemaking factory.

4. Don’t Forget For The Important Things To Do In Bandung Are To Try Its Local Cuisine

Things To Do In Bandung - A Travel Guide, YOEXPLORE

Image source: goodnewsfromindonesia 

Aside from the beautiful landscape and shopping experience in Bandung, there is one thing you should never forget to explore while you are in Bandung. Explore its local Cuisine! You should try Baso Tahu Tulen, Nasi Kalong, Perkedel Bondon, Bageur, Peuyeum, Colenak, Karedok, and many more. Maybe some of you already familiar with this food, but if you try it in its hometown, it will definitely give another sensation. It could taste better! Happy trying!

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