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Tourism Village Pasir Ipis Lembang Bandung, Indonesia

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A Travel Guide, YOEXPLORE – Bandung City as a part of West Java Region in Indonesia has become one of the popular tourist destinations among the local as well as international travelers. Call one destination such as Tangkuban Perahu. It has been famous to abroad and travelers will connect it with Lembang. Nevertheless, Lembang and Tangkuban Perahu do have a close relationship. Since Lembang located in the basin of the southern part of Tangkuban Perahu. Moreover, if we enter the word “Lembang” in the Google search engine, then in the main page shall appear many articles discussing 30, 40, 50 interesting spots in Lembang. It proves how famous Lembang especially among local tourists. No wonder if exploring Lembang has become one of the things to do in Bandung. However, this article shall be different. Why? Because this article could be the first article that will tell anyone of the new tourist destination in Lembang. It is a Tourism Village Pasir Ipis Lembang.

What Does the Tourism Village Pasir Ipis Lembang Offer?

Lembang located at an altitude of about 1,320 to 2,974 meters above sea level. No wonder that the City has a cool temperature. The temperature in this area ranges from 17 to 27 degrees of Celcius. And it has become one magnet that attracted visitors to Lembang. Lembang becomes the best choice to escape momentarily from the hustle bustle of Metropolitan City Jakarta. In addition, it is quite easy to reach it and also not too far away from Jakarta.

So, according to the title of this article, Tourism Village Pasir Ipis Lembang offers a village tour, edu-tourism activities that are worth a try. Located in Jayagiri Village, this destination is suitable for family holidays, children exposure activities or communities/groups retreat. Besides vacation, by visiting Tourism Village Pasir Ipis Lembang, you could invest directly for the local economy.

So, what could you enjoy during the trip to Tourism Village Pasir Ipis Lembang?

At Tourism Village Pasir Ipis Lembang we could enjoy an organic strawberry garden that covering 7.5 Ha. Throughout the eye, visitors could enjoy the stretch of strawberry garden. Even though it is hard to wake up so early with such a cold temperature, but you should try. Get up early around 6:00 AM, then go to the garden and you will have opportunities to see fruit harvest. The fresh red color from harvesting strawberries will create freshness and joyful to our eyes and heart. Moreover, we could purchase the fruit whether in the form of raw fruits or juice.

  • Colorful Rose Garden

Then, we continue our morning journey to visit beautiful Rose Garden. We could enjoy a multi-colored rose bouquet. It is an exclusive offer from Pasir Ipis that we could not find in our daily morning. Not only red and white roses, but the garden has other roses in purple, yellow, pink and other colors. Visitors can play around the garden while watching farming picking and cutting best flowers to be sold that day. You could make the selfie with the rose garden background.

  • Visit Cattle Farm

As we are aware that Lembang is famous for its pure milk products. So, another activity that we could only enjoy during the edu-tourism is visiting cattle farms. Especially for kids to meet cows and see how farmers produce delicious fresh milk every day. In addition, we could purchase the fresh milk and taste its deliciousness.

  • Kombucha Coffee

We could also visit coffee farmers in Tourism Village Pasir Ipis Lembang. This trip is suitable for coffee lovers. Besides black coffee, the farmers also create coffee kombucha. Coffee Kombucha is a fermented coffee, suitable for those who want to taste coffee with a light taste. You will love the fresh aroma of the coffee. And the taste of the coffee is not too obvious mix with the fresh taste from fungus fermentation.

  • Instragamable Pasir Ipis Camping Ground

Do not move and continue reading this article…because, in addition to visiting gardens and cattle, there is also a camping ground at Tourism Village Pasir Ipis Lembang. You could spend hours on this site, enjoying the beauty of Lembang Hills accompanied by a soothing breeze. You could bring and enjoy your lunch here, but do not forget to keep it clean.

The local community managing the camping ground by establishing Pokdarwis (Tourism Awareness Community) Pasir Ipis. They are very creative by providing a variety of spots for the selfie. And it is very Instragamable. By utilizing simple materials from nature, visitors shall be amazed by the selfie with pine forest and Lembang natural background. There are spots with the background such as heart-shaped gate arch, wooden ship, hobbit house, birds nest, and many more. Bring your own tent or you could rent it from the community to overnight at the Pasir Ipis Camping Ground.

  • History Tour to Bunker/Forts

The adventure at Tourism Village Pasir Ipis Lembang has not yet completed. If you like hiking activities, then we could continue to explore “Bunker Tour”. From Pasir Ipis Camping Ground, we could continue hiking to reach the peak of the hill. Then, we shall arrive at bunkers and castles from Colonial Heritage. The history of Indonesia has yet listed the bunkers and castles, so it is still mysterious. Historically, in Bandung Area, there are three bunkers established by the Dutch Colonial. The three of them are Pasir Malang and Gunung Putri in Maribaya, and Pasir Ipis in Lembang.

Estimated built during 1891 – 1930, the forts have a length of 1 km. Unfortunately, it is not well maintained and most of its surface covered by moss. However, this condition could be used by some people to produce interesting photo object. The mysterious and wild conditions of the bunker could be a wonderful background from the right angle to produce wonderful photos.

  • Waterfall

Not many people know and ever visit the waterfall of Pasir Ipis Village. So, the community shall accompany visitors to visit the waterfall (curug) and enjoy the fresh waterfalls and forest that surround the area.

  • Comfortable Homestay with Large Capacity

In case you want to overnight at the Village, besides build your own tent at the Camping Ground, you could also rent homestay. There are three homestays available, managing by the community members. The price is affordable, yet comfortable with large capacities. It is capable of accommodating 30 up to 50 guests. The owners are very friendly and you will feel at home. For meals, you could order traditional menu from the community/homestay owners. Alternatively, there are many local restaurants available near the village. You could enjoy the Sundanese menu, Chinese menu and many other alternatives for your lunch/dinner.

  • Souvenirs

Lastly, you could purchase some souvenirs made by the villagers. Among them are knitting bags, arrows and bows, synthetic fur rugs, and recycled products. And, you could purchase raw strawberries and juice as your souvenirs too.

Don’t wait anymore…and do not hesitate to visit Tourism Village Pasir Ipis Lembang. Besides enjoying the famous Lembang countryside with its cool air and fertile land, you also participate in improving the rural economy. The tourist destination is directly managed by the local community. It means you also get involved investing for the well being of local communities of the region you visited.

And, for those who want to visit Tourism Village Pasir Ipis, you could directly contact YoExplore. We shall arrange the best trip for you to enjoy edu-tourism at Pasir Ipis. See you there guys 🙂

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