Kategori - Adventure and Nature

Adventure and nature is an experience to explore the nature or the environment around you. The purpose is to enjoy the beautiful view and to take care of nature. There are so many mysteries and secrets in nature. One of the activities that can solve its mysteries and secrets is exploration.


Adventure is an exciting experience, a brave and risky activity, a challenging journey and you will see many unexpecting things happen. There are many types of adventure. Such as mountain climbing, rock climbing, exploration of hidden beaches, cruising caves, and many other activities that worth to explore.


Nature is an earth surface where there is no human activity in it. Nature is also related to Geology. Geology is the science of the solid and liquid matter that ultimately form the earth. Nature is a natural and protected place so that every animal and other creatures can live in it. It is the duty of every human being to preserve and protect nature from those who intend to undermine it for personal gain.