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Buleleng, the best adventure vacations in Bali

Bali, 2nd best island in the world
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The best island in the world

Bali is listed in the best islands in the world according to famous travel magazines in America namely, Travel and Leisure. This island which also known as paradise island, not only has many beautiful beaches but also several touristic places for  adventure vacations. If you already have explored all the beautiful beaches in Bali, or if you are not fond of beach, North Bali can be the best alternative destination for you for next holiday.

adventure vacations

Bali, listed in the best island in the world

The northern part of Bali island has many beautiful places to explore. There are several beautiful waterfalls and lakes for adventure vacations in Bali. In addition, you can also explore the beauty of underwater life and see the famous smart marine mammals, dolphins. Interested in exploring the natural beauty of North Bali? If so, prepare your suitcase, we will go enjoying the adventure tour of North Bali.

Famous for Adventurous Vacation Destination in Bali

North Bali is famous for the beauty of its waterfalls. Most of the waterfalls in Bali are in Buleleng Regency. In these adventure vacations, you can visit two beautiful waterfalls: Banyumala, and Gitgit. Buleleng may not be as famous as other Bali tourist destinations such as Ubud, Kuta, Seminyak and Sanur. This district is located on a plateau in the north of Bali. Buleleng can be reached by driving a car for approximately three hours from Denpasar. This area generally consists of steep mountain slopes that plunge into narrow coastal plains. Approaching Buleleng, you will be entertained by views on the winding and uphill side of the road. Occasionally a few monkeys appeared on the side of the road. You will be amazed to see the green expanse of rice fields along the coastline.

It is not difficult to find halal food in Buleleng because there are many halal restaurants. According to its history, the capital of Buleleng, Singaraja is the main port in Bali this explained why there are mixed population of Muslims, Chinese and indigenous Balinese. The city of Singaraja was once the capital of Bali during the Dutch colonial period. Nowadays Singaraja is a beautiful cultural mix of those three elements. There is a Chinese temple near the harbor, not far from the Kajanan Mosque, whose pulpit has an interesting combination of Muslim and Balinese decorative motifs. So, I ask again, are you ready to explore Buleleng ? Please prepare stamina because the adventure vacations’ activity will have a lot of energy-draining activities.

adventure vacations

Ancruk. culinary from Buleleng

First Day: Visit the beautiful Waterfalls in Buleleng

We starts these adventure vacations at 8 am because it takes around 3 hours to reach Buleleng. Along the way to Buleleng you are pampered by beautiful scenery and hills. If you want to take photos of the scenic, you can stop in several places. Entering lunch time, I recommend to stop by at ‘Tahu Cafe’ in Bedugul. ‘Tahu Cafe’ is a restaurant that provides a variety of menus made from tofu. It is good for your health and delicious. But if you don’t like tofu, there are many restaurants in Bedugul. There are a small homemade bread near Ulun Danu Temple. Don’t forget to taste the bread and cookies with good quality but affordable prices.

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Beautiful scenery to Gitgit Waterfall

Banyumala and Gitgit Waterfall

Now we will explore the waterfall. Are you ready for the unforgettable adventure vacations in Buleleng? The first waterfall we will visit is Banyumala. This twin waterfall is located in Wanagiri Village. Called twin waterfalls, because there are 2 large waterfalls gurgling between the rocks. From a height of 20 meters, the two waterfalls gather in a large clear pool. The cool pool is like inviting visitors to swim or play water. Do not forget to take some photos. The panorama and vibe is so breathtaking! I bet you will get fabulous pictures for your social media.

adventure vacations

Selfie spot

The second waterfall is Gitgit Waterfall. To reach this waterfall, you need to hike for about 700 meters. Along the way on the footpath to the waterfall, you will see many plants. If you never seen coffee tree and chocolate tree, you will find these trees around this area. In addition to calming yourself while looking at the beauty of nature and hearing the sound of gurgling water, this area provides some attractions. You can simply just take selfie photos at the photo booth or test your gut and boost your endorphin by trying the sling. While you swing your body on the sling, you are free to scream. These could be the best adventure vacations ever. But you should ask the price because both attractions are not included in entrance ticket.

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Take selfie on the spot

After walking around enjoying the waterfall, you can rest at the hotel. There are hotel near the beach that I recommend. You should try Puri Saron Baruna hotel, a four star hotel which offer attractive seaside views.

Second day snorkeling and seeing dolphins in Lovina.

I know it is holiday, but at the second day you have to get up early if you want to see dolphins in Lovina Beach. It’s best to leave the hotel at 5.30 so that you can spend a lot of time enjoying the tremendously beautiful underwater on Lovina beach. Usually modern people only see dolphins in recreational areas, here dolphins live freely, because Lovina Beach is a natural habitat for dolphins. To see dolphins, you will travel by boat for 30 minutes. I hope you are lucky and can meet the dolphins. Meet the dolphins maybe is one of your bucket list for adventure vacations in Bali.

 adventure vacations

Rice field near the beachAfter seeing dolphins, the activities we can do are snorkeling. With clear sea water, you can enjoy the underwater on Lovina Beach. Don’t bring snorkeling equipment? Don’t worry, most tours in Buleleng provide snorkelling equipment and life jackets. Likewise, a place to bathe is provided but you should pay IDR 50,000 per person. Dont forget to bring your own toiletries.

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Enjoy Buleleng culinary

Angseri Hot Springs

After snorkelling and seeing dolphins, you must be hungry, right ? You can treat your tongue to enjoy Balinese food at one of the best restaurants in Buleleng, Cozy Restaurant. The restaurant is  near the beach with a view of the sea. It may make you want to freeze the time. You can be relax while trying the delicious culinary Buleleng. A bit tired and full, you should calming yourself at Angseri hot springs. This hot spring is believed by local people is good for health. They said the sulfur in hot water can help relieve rheumatism and skin diseases.

I bet now you agree with me. Bali is not only have beautiful beaches, but there are also cool places with waterfalls and hot springs that can refresh you. Some attractions that make Bal famous for adventure vacations. Interested in a trip like this? It is so easy as simple as flicking your hand, just click the following link Family Trip : Explore the waterfalls and Snorkelling in North Bali.

I hope you enjoy your trip in Buleleng.

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