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4 Adventure Experiences to Explore In Malaysia

Adventure Tour In Malaysia - Asia Travel Guide, YOEXPLORE
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Asia Travel Guide, YOEXPLORE – What is your favorite memory of Malaysia? Do you like shopping branded stuff in this country? Or do you prefer to visit recommended tourist destinations and do a culinary tour? How about going wild and explore adventure tour in Malaysia? Never thought about it before? So, now is your chance! Actually, there are many adventure tours you can explore in Malaysia. Those adventure tours will surely awaken your adventurous spirit. But, if you are the beginner and want to experience those adventure tours, it definitely will be fun too. So, are you ready? Ok, let’s begin now!

1. Try Out Gopeng Waterfall Abseiling

Adventure Tour In Malaysia - Asia Travel Guide, YOEXPLORE

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Your adventure tour in Malaysia will start at Ulu Geruntum Waterfall, Gopeng, Perak. The popular extreme activity in Ulu Geruntum Waterfall is waterfall abseiling. So, basically what you gonna do is to climb down to the waterfall wall. The swift stream of waterfalls on almost 90-degree wall will surely challenge your mental and physical strength. You need to have a strong hand to hold yourself when climbing down to the slippery wall while your body will continuously be flushed by the water. Before climbing down to the waterfall wall, you will be equipped with safety gear first. There will be a professional guide that explains the functions and procedures to use the safety gear. After that, they will explain the procedures how to do abseiling. If you are afraid of the height, don’t be hesitate to tell the guide there. They are ready to guide you to pass the challenge.

2. Experience Rafting Adventure in Kampar River

Adventure Tour In Malaysia - Asia Travel Guide, YOEXPLORE

Image source:malaysianmeanders 

The next adventure tour in Malaysia is trying White Water Rafting Adventure. This adventure activity is surely no less exciting than waterfall abseiling at Ulu Geruntum Waterfall. Aside from challenging your adventurous spirit, this Malaysia White Water Rafting Adventure also challenges your group compactness. Of course, you will be equipped with the safety gear and also explanation about the functions and procedures on how to use it. Make sure you pay attention to the short training on how to do rafting. During the training, you will learn how to handle the upturned boat situation, rescue action, pedaling skills and some commands to be delivered during rowing the boat.

3. More Adventure Tour In Malaysia Using ATV

Adventure Tour In Malaysia - Asia Travel Guide, YOEXPLORE

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Who is excited to explore Malaysia using ATV? This might be the best adventure tour in Malaysia, isn’t it? So, before you begin your adventure tour, you have to come to the safety briefing first. In this briefing, you will get used with ATV bikes by driving it along artificial tracks at the base camp. When you are well prepared, you will drive to Bukit Tabur and to the dam of Kelana Gate. This adventure will surely give roller coaster sensation. You will go through the tropical rainforest in the mountains and pass through the extreme roads. Such as steep cliffs, large-rocky roads, and fallen trees.

4. Enjoy Hiking Tour In Tabur Hill Quartz Ridge With Beautiful View

Adventure Tour In Malaysia - Asia Travel Guide, YOEXPLORE

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The Quartz Ridge is known to the world as geological sites because of its importance in terms of the history of the earth and universal scientific value. Tabur Hill is one of the famous hills for the hikers because there will be a beautiful view waiting for them. You will hike through the 2.5 km hill path to arrive at one of the tops along the ridge. To get to the top, you will surely put a lot of effort. But all your struggles will be paid when you reach the top. At the top, you will have a 360-degree viewing angle to see the beauty of Gombak protected forests and modern skyscrapers in Kuala Lumpur. Those are the top 4 adventure tour in Malaysia!

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