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Learning Art In Batuan Village Bali

Art Classes in Bali -
Spread the love – Are you interested with art classes in Bali? Quoted from oxford dictionary, art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture. As the result, art will produce works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. Believe it or not, you are doing art in your every day lives. Maybe you always think that art can only be done only by the professional people.  Art is not only about high-class art.  Is it too late for you to learn art? No, it’s never too late to learn the art. You can start your journey in art classes in Bali!

Batuan Village

Art Classes in Bali -

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Bali is identical with its nature, culinary, and also water sports tourism. But why I recommend you to enjoy this city by joining art classes in Bali? Is it worth to try? Before talking about art classes in Bali, let’s talk about Batuan Village first. Batuan Village is one of the old villages in Bali that retains the living tradition with a traditional home design. The goal is to maintain the harmonious relationship between humans and nature. This village is located in Sukawati district, Gianyar regency, Bali. Batuan Village is known as Art Village especially in painting and sculpture art. Why is  Batuan Village called as Art Village? This is because in this village you can learn the Balinese Art. Learning Balinese Art as your tour activity will be the best way to enjoy Bali!

Lukisan Gaya Batuan

Art Classes in Bali -

Image source:baliholidayntrip 

One of the paintings that grow and develop in Bali is Lukisan Gaya Batuan. This painting is called Gaya Batuan because due to the origin area of the painting is from the Batuan Village. Actually, there are many paintings style developed in Bali. Some of them are Lukisan Gaya Kamasan, Gaya Ubud, Gaya Sanur, Gaya Singaraja, Gaya Tanah Lot, Gaya Keliki or Gaya Kapal. Lukisan Gaya Batuan is a rare painting that has a unique style of painting and is the only one in the world.

Due to the uniqueness of the painting style of Lukisan Gaya Batuan, the local community of this Village are encouraged to preserve this style. To do so, they teach this style to the children start from the elementary school. Even, to get the right sense of the painting style, the painting classes are conducted at Arma Museum in Peliatan Village. At the Museum, they will directly see Lukisan Gaya Batuan created by the former Batuan painters.

The teachers who are the senior painter of Batuan Village teach the student carefully. Not only do the students learn about the painting style, they also learn about the story behind the style and the value of life they can learn from the style. To appreciate the work of the students, the teachers will usually choose one of the best paintings among the students to be exhibited at the art gallery.

As a result of the unique painting style teaching methodology,  the art classes in Batuan Village, Bali are often used as a reference and a comparative study from other villages throughout Indonesia, especially in the field of empowering the village children.

Art Classes In Bali

Are you interested in learning art in Bali? Don’t have to worry that you will only learn to paint Lukisan Gaya Batuan in Batuan Village. There are many kinds of art that you can learn here. You can learn about traditional dance and music, learns to make batik, learns to carve a wood, and also learns to carve from a piece of buffalo leather into dance accessories or a doll. What an interesting experience, isn’t it? Let’s grab your chance to learn art in Bali, now! Check out the curated  Bali Art Class Package on YoExplore. 

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