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Having Fun and Learning in Batu

Yoexplore_Family trips: The Best Educational Family Trips in Indonesia: Animal Museum
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When travelling to Indonesia, Bali usually become the most visited destination. But have you ever heard about Batu? Most people will think about the delicious apples when talking about Batu. It is true that Batu is one of Indonesia’s apple producers, but do you know that Batu has something different to offer? You can enjoy educational trip in this city. Batu has plenty of places that you can visit to have fun and learning at the same time. Batu has one of the best educational family trips in Indonesia that you need to visit with your family.

Jatim Park 2: Fun learning about Nature

Jatim Park 2 located in Batu, a small city near Malang. This has some themed attraction that you and your family can visit to have some fun and learning at the same time. I will take to have a look at some of the destinations in Batu to have the best educational family trips in Indonesia.

Animal Museum

This is one of the best educational family trips in Indonesia. The animal museum is the place where you can see the collection of many preserved animal. Some of them are the extinct ones and the other is the animal that we could see in the wildlife. The building of this museum enormous with big pillars in the front of it with two elephants statue stands in each side of the building. Besides the beautiful building, this museum is worth visited because they have a vast collection.

There are some dinosaurs fossils on display. You can find the infamous T-Rex and stegosaurs fossil in this place. They also have the mammoth fossil on display. Besides the Jurrasic period animals, they also have the modern era animal on the display. The animals are beautifully preserved and put into a diorama that resembles the natural habitat. Some even put in a way that will shock you, such as the lions attacking a zebra. The beautiful building and many collections make this museum one of the best educational family trips in Indonesia.

Eco Green Park: The Best Educational Family Trips in Indonesia

After seeing the beauty of animal life, now I would like to take you to see how nature works and how can we preserve our nature.  We move to Eco Green Park, another the best educational family trips in Indonesia. Eco Green Patk is the place where you can learn many things. In one of the buildings in this place, called Eco Science Center, you can learn to understand the natural phenomenon such as earthquake fom3-8 magnitude scale, storm, and wind. Besides the simulator, you will also learn about how our nature-formed millions of years ago, natural disasters, and much more. This is a very fun way to know and love our nature.

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Secret Zoo

While we see the preserved animal in their natural environment in the Animal Museum, in the Secret Zoo we will see the living animal. This place has many sections for the varies animal they have on their collection. Meet the tigers in the tiger land, big hippo on the hippo and crocs land, and do not forget to see the reptiles in the reptile section. If you come with little children, the baby zoo will just perfect for the little children. There they can feed the animal while learning about the baby animal at the same time. That is why this place can be considered the best educational family trips in Indonesia.

Museum Angkut

Yoexplore: Family tips_The Best Educational Family Trips_Museum Angkut

Museum Angkut collection

Museum Angkut or Transportation Museum is another place to learn and having fun simultaneously.  This place has some sections with different collections. For example,  Gangster Town section has a collection of cars from old  America. The Presidential Helicopter is a section where you can find the helicopter that was once the first presidential helicopter on Indonesia.

Indonesia Heritage Museum

Still, in the same area of Museum Angkut, there is a museum called Indonesia Heritage Museum that has numerous collection of masks from all around Indonesia Archipelago. The museum also has a collection of traditional weapons and many antique types of equipment. This place is perfect to learn about Indonesian history and culture.

So, those are some place to having fun and learning in Malang. This place just has the complete set of fun learning. You can learn about the beauty of our nature and the magnificent culture and history of Indonesia. Because of this, I believe that this place is one of the best educational family trips in Indonesia. So if you plan to take your family to have a family vacation, please do not forget to come to Batu.

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