Kategori - Edutourism

Edutourism is a suitable activity done by all gender and age. This activity is the other side of traveling activity which is just a walk and exploration. The unique and diverse culture in Indonesia makes Edutourism is popular by the public in general, especially for people who love art and environmental.

Preserving The Local Nature

It is not a secret that Bali has culture and many unique customs. The culture is attached to Hindu religion and known the world. It is a pride for Indonesia for this remarkable achievement. There are Balinese dances that are phenomenal such as Kecak dance. You not only can see it but you can learn how to do the dance. Another example is Gamelan instrument that has been worldwide and you can learn it in traditional music studios in Bali.

The culture will be unique and different experience from the usual. This will make you appreciate the customs and cultures more that have been passed through generations.