Kategori - Social Impact

Traveling is not only about go hiking, museums, beaches, explore the forests and other non-social activities. The beauty of Indonesia lies not only in its nature. The ability of society and local people also lies in caring for others. Social Impact is the most suitable name to describe this activity.

Caring For The Others

It is a good thing if our concern not only focuses on the preservation of nature and culture. Caring for the other human beings is equally important. Aside from enjoying the beauty of archipelago, it would be better if we try to go to places related to social activities.

For example, visiting some orphanages. We can observe how their daily activities there and do charity. We can also visit the nursing house, the place to make prosthetic limbs for people in need, and the other types of social attractions.

The purpose of this social impact is to give awareness to care for the society in our surrounding and help those people who less fortunate.